Sign up, authentic Charger owners!

My charger is still the only ground mount I use because of the work it took to get it. It was VERY exciting when I finally got it!

Basically my idea for this thread. Was in a IoC BG and saw about 5 pallies with the Charger.

Lookin' good...
It made me very sad when they changed my charger to an elek.
The group I got it in included 4 Paladins and 1 Priest.

I was tanking, which was not a usual thing for Paladins to do at all back in the day.

That quest was a ton of fun, the people I did it with even more fun. I miss those guys sometimes.
Duskwood was one of my favorite zones, originally. It had really great story arcs.

leveling this char in Duskwood in Vanilla was one of my favorite experiences in this game
I've got the original Charger!

I believe I got it in BC, though I might've had it in Vanilla. This was all before changing from Human to Blood Elf, of course.

Nowadays I think the Argent Charger looks better, so that's my go-to ground mount. Even if it was a lot of work and gold to get the original Charger.
Duskwood was a ton of fun. I did those quests with my first guild. We were all new and everything was so exciting. The place felt spooky. I loved it.

I really wish wow had a setting that could give you more realistic nights. Doesn't need to be pitch black, but i'd love to have darker nights. Duskwood should be really dark at night, to the point you use torches.
I did it on my Ally Pally and also have a Warlock that completed the Lock mount quest in Dire Maul.

Both were very cool final fights to get the mounts.
So glad a friend had an alchemist with the transmute for the arcanite bars, i still had to farm for days. and the cost for back then, wow. My guild helped me do Dire maul and the final part in scholomance.

just shows how your memory plays tricks on you. now I look back as if it was fun but then I remember hating every second of it until I actually got it.
Hunter epic quest was SO much worse, it's not even funny.
Did it back in the day, and I really honestly liked the quest. I'm sad it's not there anymore for new paladins to experience.
I also did it in my Pre-MC days, with a few people in my social guild at the time. Ran it in dungeon blues and still some greens, was tons of fun.
This quest was fun (from nostalgic perspective but in reality it sucked). Wasn't as bad as helping Lock friends, though.
never finished the quest... =(
I remember it... It was a nightmare
I remember when getting your top ground riding was insane
I miss vanilla
wtb arcanite bars pst
Farmed all the Pristine Black Diamond myself because I couldn't afford to pay hundreds of gold for them back at the beginning of Burning Crusade, on a newly released server that was not open to transfers, while simultaneously spending the rest of my free time farming bug legs. #EarnedIt
The horse oats alone were like 50g in SS and another 200g to the dwarf in the district

Duskwood was for sure the best zone in the game, Mismantle quest chain took you all over, the catacombs for rares, The skele that would pat the gy, And the angry Warlock upstairs in a bubble
They really need to bring back special class quests and preferably ones that take you all over the world. There's a difference between "streamlining" and "bland".
Heck, even for someone in early BC, it was no quick feat to get the mount unless you were in a guild with people to help. I started playing in BC, and was in a leveling guild with all new players. We all ended up leveling at different rates, and when I hit 60, there wasn't anyone to help. Trying to find a level 70 to help you was nearly impossible if you didn't have something to offer them for their time (understandable).

It took a while to collect all the mats and come up with the gold, as I didn't have any other characters, and at the time nobody was really farming old content. If I had a 70, it would have made things much simpler. I wanted that mount NOW though, so I put all my effort into that. By the time I hit 61, I finally got a group together, made up of other level 60 paladins and a lock that we returned the favor for.
Oh good times, The first paladin I level, I never got lv 60 riding til lv 70. Than I roll a paladin on rp-pvp server.... At least I know how to not be dumb with my gold than. 4/14/09 I made sure I got it.

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