Sign up, authentic Charger owners!

it was a proud moment when I got my charger :)
Who remembers that epic quest to get the Charger! Just remembered doing the final Scholo part with 4 pallies, 1 warrior.

Wish this was still in, new pallies are missing something!

Yes they are missing out on that gritty feeling and arduous tour of quests to obtain this epic mount. I remember having to do the basement in Scholo a couple times as I messed up the judgement rotation, but my GM was there with me guiding me all the way. It was a great feeling of achievement when it was done, from Dire Maul to Scholo.....that should be required. Same for the lock Felsteed, another awesome quest gone. I also completed that with my warlock back when. Good stuff.
Still have my Holy Mightstone...
I did the quest too! though it was in Burning Crusade :)
I did both the horde and alliance version on the same paladin (this one), and they turned my charger into an elephant :( - now when i want to ride my charger i just use the Paladin only Argent Tourney one.

It looks better anyhow ^__^
Yep, one of the best (although a pain in the butt at times) quest lines ever. Got it in Vanilla just before BC was released.
DM. Yes.
Had to beg my guildmates at the time for a few days to help me get that wonderful thing. 'Free mount', they say? Bullocks!
Way back in Burning Crusade, I was leveling as holy (no dual-spec or anything like that). I mined the thorium, paid for the transmutes from alchemists, and then paid a 70 mage (who did not take the gold when I offered it) to run me through Dire Maul for that part. I paid 100 gold apiece to a level 70 shaman and warrior to help me with the Scholomance part. It was a blast. I still have the Holy Mightstone.

I recently picked up the Argent Charger from Argent Tournament. I now have a mount for when I am wearing darker colors and a mount for shiny golden gear sets.
We used to have a tradition that all Paladins in the guild would meet at the entrance of Scholomance and ride all the way to Ironforge when someone would complete the final step of the quest and get their charger. Good times.... :)
I got mine back in the day when Judgement was still on a 30 second cooldown, the old fashioned classic way.

As for this character, I also got it, at level 60. I think I still have the Extinguishing Mixture, and my Scourgebane trinket, but I no longer have the Holy Mightstone, burned it on Araj the Summoner back when it was a (relatively) hard fight.
I did the one during tbc then i also did the quest for my lock. Both of them were fun. I miss dearly my first guild. They helped me out so much with those quests.
I did it on this guy in BC with my dad (another 62ish Paladin) and his friend who was a hunter around the same level. I really don't remember it being as hard as getting my warlock his mount though, help for that was miserable to find
You guys are champs. I just went with the effing stallions.
Authentic Charger and Dreadsteed owner right here.
I did the quest in WotLK, gather some flowers, ore and 100g then go to Strath if I can recall correctly. I have an achievement for it so.
I'm with Liquidrock - I have the Feat for it, but I got in in Wrath.

I did, however, earn Verigan's Fist back in BC when I first started playing, but junked it at the time; very much regret that, now.
I did that too. I wish I still had it, but bag space. :(

As for the charger quest, I did that in BC at level, but had a L70 hunter and pally, so I cheated. OTOH at the time I calculated that it would have actually been cheaper, once the lost gold from the time taken to do the stuff was counted, to just buy the normal training and mount than get the Charger. I got the Charger anyway.

leveling this char in Duskwood in Vanilla was one of my favorite experiences in this game
Levelling in Duskwood (in BC for me) was the first time I felt that I was playing a Paladin, and not some warrior with a heal. There was undead and I had Sense Undead and I think Exorcism - stuff for killing undead! It was awesome. Where's my Sense Undead, Blizzard?
Still have my Holy Mightstone...

Burned mine on Arthas during the last 10%.

Felt good, bro.
I paid 900g for that stupid black diamond back then!

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