Hard Knocks 1/13 hm guild

Hard Knocks is a 1/13 hm guild looking for raiders for it's 10 man guild. We are looking to push heroic progression hard and get ready for 5.4. Ultimately our plan is to get back to 25 man come 5.4.

Current needs:
Or Holy paladin

We ask that you be at least 520 ilvl with some logs to go with it . We raid Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday 8 pm server to 12 pm server. If this sounds good to you please hit me up at goon#2768 or send me in game mail at shaolingoon , shadowgoon , Deathgoon. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.
Still looking.
Are you still recruiting?
bump for 25s!
Yes we are still recruiting .
I'm interested in apping to your guild. I'm fairly new to MoP content but very experienced in every expansion up until now, and eager to learn and down the new content. I won't expect a spot right off the bat as my prot ilvl is only 470 at the moment, but if i can be squeezed in on off nights or alt runs or whatever, I would love it.
bump for 25 man
bump for 25
Tank needed asap.
I know that you guys have switched guilds are you still looking for more. I have a group of 5-6 looking to find a home for ToT 25.... 2 healers and 3-4 dps.
yes we are . Are you the one who contacted me during raid last night . Hit me up on real id when you get this message goon#2768
bump for 25 man
I am a tank and have another tank and 3-4 dps who are trasfering to mal'ganis and ae looking for a raid group, i am 499 ilvl, other tank is 498 and a 503 hunter, 496 mage, 498 dps dk... let me know if you are interested
I appologize, i just realized you are a DK tank alot better geared haha. If you need a tank then i could bring the rest of my group and i could come on either my hunter or ret Pally
if you have a dps spec along with your tank buddy . I can use you all . But some will be sat. Otherwise sorry.
bump for 25 man
update currently 4/12 25 man .
Need healers Now . Must be 500 ilvl or better .
Looking for good dps still . Looking at all classes.

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