Break tier 14 4 piece?

as it stands i have tier 14 elemental 4piece, all are 496 except for headpiece which is till lfr. legs are 2/2 upgraded. I just got the tier 15 gloves (ilvl 522). should i swap my tier 14 gloves out for the tier 15 gloves or stay with 4 piece tier 14 until i get 2 pieces of tier 15? i'm sure lots of you are having the same conundrum now. please shed some light. Thanks!
Honestly, I know this gets thrown around everywhere but just sim your character and see for yourself.
Gut says keep your 4T14 bonus, but officially I'm going to echo Abstracted and say, "Sim it!"

What makes it difficult to eyeball is the gap in item level (496 vs 522); you're weighing an overall increase in stat budget versus something a little more difficult to model without a bit of math. I don't think you're going to see a 3K increase in DPS from upgrading just gloves, but that's just me talking from experience rather than hard data.

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