[H] Looking for New Home

Sadly, Real Life tends to happen and occasionally causes a family guild to become... permanently dormant. Alas, this is what has happened to the guild I have been a part of for some time. I'm putting feelers out for a mature, active, family-like guild. I'm independent, know my classes (though haven't had time to gear them up yet), and am willing to help where needed.

However, I am a full-time nursing student, which means that although I have three Horde 90s (Ele/Resto-Shammy, Prot-Pally, Frost-Mage) and a beloved rogue at 87, I don't always have time to invest in mandatory raids and events. I'm just hoping for an active, friendly guild to call home.
Authentic is open to all - no matter your time or style. We have four raid groups and typically run old content on the weekends. Just message me (or another member) in game and we can throw you an invite.
^ Listen to this guy.

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