farming spirit of harmony

Where's the best place to farm spirit of harmony nowadays? (other than spending the honor/conquest points that is.)
Go toil in the fields?
Yes, toiling in the fields is actually the best option by far. Get thee to Halfhill and farm thee some motes.
if you can get to isle of giants you can get 1 spirit of harmony and 1 mote a day from turning in bones. If you are going to solo it'll be a bit tough depending on your dps or class, just kill the small dinosaurs or the zandalari. I go with one guildie and it doesn't take too long to get around 108 bones for each of us.
Making a Halfhill farm gives you 16 motes a day for only 10 min work BUT it requires being 90. It sounds like Isle of Giants does too, if Bananimal finds it tough.

Below 90 you kill stuff. Only choice. I think that all mob types generate them equally, so to specifically farm Motes, I pick a spot where I have an unending supply of things that I can kill quickly at my current level. So far I've found 4 places where my level 85 can kill 3 to 4 per minute non-stop.

When MoP opened I farmed about 6 SoH (60 motes) this way on level 85/86 toons to get a few recipes. After that I just levelled 2 toons to 90 and made HalfHill farms with them.
With 5.2 if you can get a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen you have a chance to get some motes from the chests. However, the absolute best way is farming. Once exalted, you get 16 motes for just a few mins work tilling your farm.

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