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Questions about sunreavers.. if aethas sunreaver only focused on the alliance between quel'thalas and dalaran and disregarded the horde, why did the sunreavers represent the horde during wrath? Furthermore.. due to the recents events with fanlyr silverthorn and thalen songweaver, does this mean not all of his followers did not have the same goal as him? Meaning some were for the horde? Why do you think his followers would go against his beliefs?
Because Silvermoon is a part of the Horde, and so by default the Sunreavers had to accept that.

There was also significant political advantage to having the Horde on Dalaran's side against the Blue Dragons and the Lich King.

In the end, people are people. Some Blood Elves are obviously going to place their loyalty to the Horde above their loyalty to Dalaran. Some aren't.
Thanks that helped!

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