Greetings - New to horde and new to Zul'jin


I quit playing in Cata and have recently decided to come back and play. I use to be in a well known hardcore raiding guild (Endurance) and although I love raiding I am not looking to be in a hardcore raiding guild anymore as my life has taken on more responsibilities (children), but I would like to still be part of a GOOD guild that does have a certain amount of respect on the server. With the expansion I decided to change factions from Alliance to Horde which I am hoping brings new experiences to the game since I have never played the horde side even though I've played since the vanilla days. With new experiences and a new amount of excitment of what is to come I feel as though things will be less boring. Atleast for a good amount of time. Lets face it after an expansion roles out everything is great, but as content is cleared things become easier and easier and less boring thus people are forced to compete in Arena's as thats a live environment that never gets old as it changes constantly. Never the same in other words.

Anyways I have 6 toons I am bringing over. None of which is 90 yet as I just re activated last night, but I do have 85 shaman, 85 warrior, 85 hunter, 85 druid and then my new fun toons I started before I left Cata which are 46 Shadow Priest and a 46 Ret Pally.

Like I said I am looking for a friendly active (active being VERY important) guild that is willing to take a veteran player, but does not have the time to be a hardcore raider. Let me know!!!

Sorry original post had my character name before server and faction change. Again looking for a guild that is laid back but still raids and pvps.
Hey man i noticed your post while i was researching Zul'jin we in the the process of looking to Transfer from wildhammer server and in need of more people to raid. the bad thing is that we've done mainly LFR since MOP because we couldn't get anyone one to either join guild to raid or even pug.. i wouldn't recommend wildhammer lol.. we have a couple people that pvp in are guild but myself no. but we like the casual laid back raiding and are a very social guild.... i just wanted to extend a pre offer to join us if your interested were planning to be transferred by the 1st. how do you like the Zul'jin server? it seems like a nice populated serer which means more to start raiding with us... thanks for your time man

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