Rogue LF PvP/PvE guild (Horde)

Just transferred here on my rogue, with the purest intent of of pvp and Casual pve Content.

I have a large background in Hardcore 25man PvE progression Since BC, leadership and all

although i'm kind of a veteran when it comes to hardcore pvp, havnt pushed serious Arenas/RBGS since the start of cata, and mid Wotlk. Which back then i played around 2200 on a hunter

So my question is, any hybrid guilds here that focus on both? (Horde Side)
The kings is a fast growing guild, looking promising in terms of pvp and pve.
Most guilds are only PvE or PvP based, not both .. But The Kings, or maybe Division II are your best bet.
Zaraki is the GM of The Kings, extremely nice guy, very good at running things
Spartaxan or something is GM of Division II, another very nice guy, good GM. Very organised.

Good luck mate!

Thanks :)

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