Blessed Immortal needs DPS

Guild Membership: Relatively new guild formed from mostly server transfers. Some of us have played together for 3+ years. Several husband/wife members, multiple military and prior military members.

Guild Environment: Relaxed, usually hanging out in vent so if you prefer typing you'll find guild chat doesn't move much. I pay for a big vent channel and we use it. Drama of any kind won't be tolerated and thus far we've been lucky enough that no one has tried. So be aware that everyone is on same page with that. We joke, poke fun, and have a good time. I expect people to pay attention and perform their role at raid time, but yelling at each other and making it feel like a job instead of playing a game isn't how we run things.

What we need: My healers and tanks have been working their butts off to try to get ready to raid current content. That includes switching to alts and regearing a time or two. DPS is where we are lacking. Thus far I have had trouble finding people who will show up and/or put the effort into their character. 6 players are ready to give ToT a try. But we need dps that can follow directions, move out of bad things, and produce the dps that is needed. Mostly we need people that want to be part of a team effort. Expecting to just log in at raid time and muddle through it isn't going to get us far. My tanks and healers understand that. I hope to find dps that do as well. That includes turning off the sports channel and paying attention when we discuss raid strategy.

What to expect: We have no intentions of doing heroic modes. Due to work schedules we raid weekends for a reason. We want to progress as a team but not to the point where it becomes a job. We're not going to call a raid after 1 or 2 wipes but we also aren't going to spend all evening wiping to something if it's obviously not going to happen.

Raid times: 6PM Sat/Sun. (We will be entering ToT for first time on normal this weekend whether we have to pug 4 dps or not.)

Loot Rules: MS>OS. If you win something off boss #1 then you pass if someone else needs on boss #2 and so forth. Doing it this way allows the team to gear more equally. Do not expect to gear your alt if people still need things on their mains. Patterns require linking of profession but guild leaders will get priority to help ensure they can be used to help raid team. BoE's are treated as normal boss loot, not for auction house spec. If no one in raid can use a BoE it goes to guild bank.

I'm not going to ask for achieves that we don't have ourselves, and I'm not going to ask for you to outgear the content. What I am going to ask is that you can play your class. IE: If I'm doubling your dps, something is wrong. Learning the fights you can do right along with us. So if you want to get started but find no one wants a dps without the achieve pst me or anyone in guild. A team can't progress without team members. And right now we need 4 of em.

Current set roles:

Main Tank: Monk
Off Tank: Druid
Healer: Shaman
Healer: Disc Priest
Healer: Paladin
DPS: Hunter
We've changed names but still same guild. Inside joke. Our disc priest has expressed desire to go shadow, therefore if a knowledgeable disc priest shows interest we will be interested in talking to you.

Remaining spots have been filled for 10 man. We would like to convert to a 25 man format but will need multiple spots filled obviously for that to occur.

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