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1. Blizzard, can you please reduce the lockout of raids from old expansions to perhaps 24 hours? The drop rates for specific items are so small that it can (and has) taken me several MONTHS to get a particular tmog item. This week was the 12th week in a row I have attempted to get the robe and gloves for the Sunwell Mage set. It was also the 8th week in a row I have attempted to get the 2h sword of Nefarian in Blackwing Lair for my Death Knight. If you are concerned about people farming gold from these raids then by all means, further reduce the gold dropped by bosses and the vendor value of the drops.

2. Blizzard, can you please complete some of your old recolored (and in some cases, normal) tier sets? Some examples are:
a. Mage Tier 8 has no boots. (this goes for both 10 and 25 man color versions)
b. Green Recolor of Warrior Tier 5 has no boots.
c. The very tier my forum avatar wears, the heroic Paladin Tier 12 has no belt.
I am sure there are many people with several more items that have been overlooked. Could you possible create some sort of online suggestion box in which we can submit items you have missed. The thing is, these are not items you would need to design or have someone recolor and existing item. Many of the missing set pieces exist in the game, but are worn only by NPCs.

3. Blizzard, can you please develop a way that we can tmog weapon enchant glows? In every expansion you end up choosing between 1 or 2 weapon enchants depending on your role, and sometimes they can be pretty bad or simply not match the style of our armor or the weapon. Can you please develop a way to apply cosmetic glow apart from the actual weapon enchant? You could give this ability to whatever crafting profession you feel is hurting the most for revenue generation.
Would be nice if they actually did finish a lot of the sets.
I am on the farm for Bristleblitz Striker for the set i'm wearing now. Archimonde isn't very hard to defeat, i just hope i don't have to spend half a year farming him for the bow.
I don't agree with changing raid lockout times. Can you imagine... if it were that easy to farm, everyone would be in the same outfit as you. We just can't have that.

Suggestions 2 and 3 are nice, though what'd I'd really like an instant fix for is the new bug I've noticed since the new patch. Several people on my server, including myself, have been having problems with actually applying our transmogrifications. It won't process if we have less than 100 gold on hand at the time (even if the cost is like 25 gold or something). Just makes it very inconvenient to come right off an AH Shopping Spree, with just enough gold to transmog your new gear before you go back to questing and raiding and whatnot, only to be denied. Anyone else notice this?
IMO there is enough diversity in the items available in the game that not everyone will end up looking the same with Transmog, so I'm all for shortened lockout periods for older raids. I know I've been farming Malygos for quite some time on my Druid for the Polearm to no avail for close to 3 months now. Sure he's not a hard fight, but it's demoralizing to go week after week and not see the 1 item I'm after.
It would be pretty nice if they reduced the cool downs on the old raids to 24 hours or something. Only being able to do AQ 40 once a week is pretty painful. At least AQ 20 is only a 3 day cd. =/ lawls.
Reasonable suggestion with the only possible downside being complaints from the special snowflakes. I'm for it.
To add on to your transmog ideas, Implementing a kind of closet for the clothes would be amazing! My bank and void storage are full T.T
(Tier 8) 25 man Conqueror Siegebreaker gear is missing matching boots
(Tier 10) heroic sanctified Ymirjar gear is missing boots and a belt
lol.... I have mixed feelings about this...though I would love to finish one of my sets.

The thing is some drops are more overly dropped than others. Anyways nice necro.
Because having everything you want exactly when you want it is healthy for a game.
Because having everything you want exactly when you want it is healthy for a game.

That's hardly a fair thing to say. Raid lockouts exist to throttle progression and keep people from gearing too quickly whenever new content is released. It doesn't make as much sense to keep older raids that people can solo within an hour on the same weekly lockouts. There should be considerations for the "special snowflakes" (as in rare mounts, non-transmogrifiable items, etc.), but keeping people from getting old gear from transmog is less justifiable, imo.

All in all, I'd be down for this.

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