Shaman Healing Tips?

Hey all, I've been playing since vanilla, but have just recently decided to work with the shaman class. I was hoping some of you more experienced shammy-pros might have some tips or advice to help make the transition to raiding (obviously in the future) a little easier.

Any can't live w/out macros? Glyphs?

Maybe some tricky spell rotations that help?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
I'm not gladiator like pros, but I've been playing shaman for couple of expansion now. mostly in pvp, but also do pve occasionally

here is couple of thing I've learn with MOP(this is just my opinion from my resto playstyle.)

1. HST off CD most of the time, IMO decent aoe heal cost little mana.
2. using UE + any healing spell works but UE + GHW is best IMO, almost full health in single cast
3. totem is now a CD instead of buff, use it wisely especially in pvp.
4. HW/GHW then HS, HS let you OOM in very short time. HW is one i spam the most
5. if mana is the issue, Glyph of Telluric Currents is way to go then water shield glyphs IMO. all you have to do is spam LB in low dmg phase.

most information is cover in . I usually get basic idea from noxxic when i start new toon.

Hope it helps~!

Everything you're asking for (including macro's).

Personally, I'd never use noxxic for info on most of the classes- I've always had better luck sitting down and reading real guides. Noxxic just seems to be way off on a lot of things.
Spread out your throughput cooldowns. Between Earth Ele, Fire Ele, Elemental Mastery, and Ascendance, you should have one of those up during any HTT use or for any heavy dmg phase.

Prioritize low health targets ALWAYS. Our mastery makes this our niche. For 25s, keep Healing Rain down. It is ridiculously good if positioned well. For 10s, no clue.

Totemic recall glyph is the best glyph we have by far. Use it by recalling your HST just before it expires for a full mana refund. Good for your Elementals too.

Tremor totem is amazing for fear phases, SBT is amazing as a personal CD. Both of these can be reset with the talent. Lastly, try glyphing (and using) grounding totem for Council in ToT until Sul is dead.
Awesome info guys! Do any of you have certain mods that you prefer? I've been using healbot, which seems pretty decent. Any that are better? Thanks!
I like Vuhdo but it's personal preference. Try a few out in dungeons and see which one feels best.
The only real glyph's I consider must have are totemic recall(huge mana saver if HST is recalled shortly after the 1sec mark) and chaining(for obvious reasons, mainly because the mechanics this tier are god awful for spreading out and you won't be casting CH enough to warrant not having the glyph)

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