Is the Season 13 Elite Gear all 512 ilvl?


Now this could be wrong...but it seems to be saying that all of the gear not only the weapon will be 512 ilvl.

For all of us that refuse to RBG this is going to be really stupid. Since a 2400+ 3s is equivalent to a 1900 RBG team.

If this is true toward the end of the season there will be about 2-3 weeks that the RBG kids are going to be just absolutely wiping the floor with everyone in arena.
which is why i gathered up a lot of my bad friends to push for my first rbg 2.2k

I just want to know if this is correct.
So at 2150 pts per week which is the max you can get w/o RBG or high rating.. You're looking at almost 13 weeks until you can even begin to purchase Elite. So you'll have roughly 2 months to get as many elite pieces as you can before the end of the season.
where do i get the season 13 elite pvp gear?

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