Hysteria - Recruiting for ToT - 25M Raiding!

Hysteria has made the decision to transition into 25M raiding!
We have changed our raid days to T/W/TH 6-10PM PST and are currently
seeking a wide variety of DPS to fill our roster (Need around 7 players for a full Roster)
For detailed recruitment needs, Please see the 2nd post on this thread after reading the OP!

Guild Info:

Guild: Hysteria
Realm: Blackrock - US
Server Time: PST
Raid Type: 25 Man

Raid Times:

Tuesday 6-10PM
Wednesday 6-10PM
Thursday 6-10PM

We have an optional Sunday raid that will be in place for alts once we've gotten NM cleared, This day may also act as an extra raid day that would be mandatory if we're not able to raid on one of our normal days during that week.

Current Recruitment Needs:

(For more detailed recruitment needs, Please see the 2nd reply on this thread!!)

Interested in such a wide variety of classes/specs at this moment, that I won't list them all. If you feel you have what it takes to raid with us, here in Hysteria, then please see the contact information at the bottom of this post to apply.

About Hysteria:

Hysteria is a 25M** Raiding guild that has recently returned to Blackrock
after taking a break from the game at the end of Dragon Soul.
We've come back in hopes of picking up skilled raiders with a love for progression
oriented raiding, who are looking to help an old guild make a new name for themselves.
Our current raiders are players that have been raiding since TBC (or earlier) with the skill and drive it takes to be apart of a progression oriented guild. While we're aware that our T14 progression is less than impressive, we ask you to keep in mind that most of us came back less than a month 1/2 ago and we're just now getting around to raiding again. We're interested in all skilled raiders who have the time/dedication to min/max their gear, learn the encounters before showing up, and have a good attitude/moral towards progression!
We ask that our applicants have at least SOME heroic progression experience, but this isn't a deal breaker - We are willing to consider anyone who thinks they have what it takes to step up to the plate and hit a GRAND SLAM with us in 5.2!. We have very high hopes to clear NM in a timely manner once fully reformed and make a hard push in heroic progression!


We handle loot with an officer driven Loot Council mixed with EPGP Priority tracking.
Our looting methods have proved to be successful (Non-biased) in the past
with our raiding groups. We've never had any 'loot drama', nor do we plan to have any.
If you're a self proclaimed, 'loot !@#$%' , you need not apply. We take loot as something that benefits us even if I/You/We don't win the item as if one player gets a new piece, we all benefit from their increase in dmg/healing output.

BoEs are considered for MS first and depending on the situation either OS or AH for GBank afterwards. If it is decided that you will recieve a BoE that dropped, you will be required to equip it on the spot. If we find a raider trying to sell a BoE we looted them during a previous raid, they will be promptly removed from the raid group. DE'd crafting materials will be placed in a locked guild tab for distribution at the Raid Leader/Officers discretion, but never sold.


Cleared ALL in Normal Mode.
Pushed through 5-6 heroics in WoTLK before transferring off of our dead server.

9/13 Heroic T11
7/7 Heroic Firelands (HRag during T13.)
8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul(5/8HM Prenerf)

6/6 Normal Mode MV
6/6 Normal Mode HoF
4/4 Normal Mode ToES

2/12 Throne of Thunder
(The majority of our raiders have cleared 2/12 (some even more), We forsee no issues with clearing this + MORE within our first week or 2 of Raiding 25Ms!)

Contact Information/How To Apply:

To apply please visit our site or talk to one of us in-game!


Fuzed - GM
Sawii - Co-GM
Vailn - Recruitment Officer (Primary recruitment Contact.)

Thanks for taking the time to read our thread, and best of luck in your search for a new guild!

See you in-game!

Wanted to separate this from the rest of the post - So it can be picked out a bit easier.
Our current recruitment needs are as follows, If your class is listed as "Medium" or higher, We (most likely) have an immediate spot open for you. If your class isn't listed, We still urge you to apply as we're always interested in recruiting skilled raiders to expand our roster.

For Healers:
Holy Paladin - Low
Disc/Holy Priest - Low
MW Monk - Low

For Ranged DPS:
Shadow Priest - Medium
Hunter (Any spec) - Medium
Balance Druid - HIGH
Elemental Shaman - HIGH
Warlock (Any Spec) - HIGH

For Melee DPS:
Windwalker Monk - Low
Rogue (Any Spec) - Low
Enhancement Shaman - Low
Feral Druid - Low
Frost/Unholy Death Knight - Low
Retribution Paladin - Low[/b]
494 Arms Warrior Looking for a good Raiding Guild. I have raided On many toons over the Years
From Healing on my Priest and Paly
To tanking on My DK and Paly
and Playing On my Mage and Most of 5.1
Evert toon i play i learn to the best of my ability as well as learing every aspect of the fight

Mage: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Run%C3%A8/simple
Paly http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Soulbris/simple
Priest: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/S%C3%B2%C3%BAl%C3%9Fr%C3%AFs/simple

(Paly Priest and Dk) are on a seperate account) i can jump on other account if u need Proof

Just Looking for a Good Raiding Guild To have fun with in 5.2 and hopefully Beyond
Pst me In game or on my BattleTag Runè#1357 (e is alt 138)

Unfortunately, We're pretty booked up on Warrior DPS.
Did you have any interest in playing as a Shadow Priest or Mage?
Got a few offers for you here Myself 503 DK tank or my resto druid 499
(links provided below)

Also my brother on his account 506 Survival/BM Hunter
(link provided below)

We come as a package deal and also have the possibility of a few other players interested mainly healing roles though.

Hunter has a shadow priest as well 495 with OS Disc
(link provided below)

Message us in game if you have any questions we are both pretty experience raiders and have been playing since late Vanilla/Early Burning Crusade.

Also putting application on website in hopes of a quick response :)
Thanks for talking with us today Gortooth, we'll look forward to seeing you in-game!
Not really Man Just Wanna focus on my warrior this Patch
Currently seeking around 5 Skilled RDPS to fill our 25M Roster.
Please seek contact with Vailn, Ainen or Sawii in-game!
Still looking for a Ele Shaman and Boomkin 495+
Still looking for a Ele Shaman and Boomkin 495+
Still looking for a Ele Shaman and Boomkin 495+

Yes we still have a strong need of ranged dps (especialy ele shaman, hunter, boomkin, and warlock), as well as a healer (Holy paly would be perfect)

Edit: I realized Shakey is in the guild XD
Fuzed.... contact me asap yo..
Fuzed is on some business right now might take him cpl days Stithe.
Yeah I know. I have great news for him :P
Yeah I know. I have great news for him :P

I'm back, and talked with you yesterday.

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