Prot DPS: omg

OK.... so I've dual specced prot and heals and am just now getting into the dailies. Only problem is that I feel my dps is horrible. I pull about 18k on dummies and get about that on mobs on the isle. I get more than twice that on my warlock who is similarly geared. Is that normal? I know the rotation and I think I'm doing it correctly, so what gives? After one day I'm about to throw in the towel because I feel that downing the mobs just takes too long (in comparison to my other toons).

A better question is: What dps SHOULD I be pulling? (self-buffed, against dummies).

Thanks in advance.
I pull about 30-35k in 479 gear, but that's with raid buffs and full Vengeance stacks. If you aren't taking much damage, you aren't doing much damage.
You're Prot and you're comparing it's damage output to your DPS characters and you're ready to quit over it?

As Prot if you want to pull any decent damage you need to chain pull as many mobs as you possibly can to ramp up Vengeance.

Or play Ret where you can still pull as many mobs as possible and not have to wait for Vengeance to ramp up.
In raids, I have no problem pulling at least 50k dps with Vengeance. On single target bosses, I'll easily do 60k or more. You just need Vengeance and gear. Our dps is pretty good.

Haste is also very, very good if you're looking to up your dps. It's both a damage stat and a defensive stat thanks to Sanctity of Battle, and boy does it make a difference. Haste will also dramatically increase the amount of healing you receive from Seal of Insight, and the group healing you deal through Glyph of the Battle Healer.

However, the one downside to Haste is you need to really be on the ball with timing Shield of the Righteous with physical damage. If you don't, then its defensive value is near-useless. The whole purpose of it is to increase your Holy Power regeneration, which allows more Shields of the Righteous. Use them often; use them well.

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