Which weapon is better...

I had Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm , upgraded to 504, with the Sha touched +500 int gem. Last night Soulblade of the Breaking Storm dropped for me on an extra roll. I would think Soulblade right, cause Spell Power still trumps Int? Thoughts??
your - 276 intel with soulblade with red gemmed but + 1919 Spell power
how much spell power do u loose - 276 over the gain of 1919?
you will also loose some spell crit, do u want to loose that?

your decision, your playstyle. I would take the Soulblade tho,
Erm, let's put it in terms of actual holy pally sensibilities. It's true, ultimately the far higher crit & spell power native to the soulblade outdo the benefit of the +500 int on the scepter. But more importantly, you can put a hard spirit gem in the soulblade, and that ends up sealing the deal. Soulblade from hereon out. c:

And if you've gotten far enough with Wrathion to get the weapon a prismatic socket, blammo, even more spirit.
I know it sucks getting rid of the Scepter, but it's Soulblade, all day. Spell Power is king.
Cool. That's what I was thinking. Thanks all for posting!

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