Inglourious Allies(25) LF1Healer 10M Semi HC

As the title says above!

Inglourious Allies (25) 16/16-6/16H T14, 5/12 T15 is recruiting a 495+ Holy paladin for its 10M Semi hardcore, core raid group. Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8:30-11:00 server.

We are a tight nit guild looking for a dedicated Holy paladin to fill the role of 3rd healer, you will not be asked to go dps as the other two healers have dps off specs that are up to par for two heal fights.

We ask that you come prepared and show up at least 10 minutes before raid invites go out!

As a core raider you will be held up to certain expectations and you will be required to know most of the fights, we will give a brief description of each fight if you don't know.
We will also supply raid food, flasks, and potions.

The only requirements that are a MUST HAVE are that you do your dailies, and that you cap valor each week so you can get your three mogu runes of fate!

If you're interested in becoming part of the guild and taking on the role of third healer please whisper myself, chaosbull, or mysterium in game.

Us-Cenarius (Inglorious Allies) Alliance.
Healer has been found, thank you community.

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