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I am a 495 Orc Mistweaver with a 494 Windwalker offspec looking for a raiding guild in ToT, preferably at least 5-6 bosses in. I would prefer a 25 man setting with the attitude of progression and being serious about raids but not hardcore. I have had experience in all the previous normal modes and first 3 bosses in ToT but will be transferring from a dead server. I will also have this poorly geared alt shaman that I plan to play more often if I can find a guild for the monk.
Hello, would you be interested in raiding with positive energy? About 7 of us raided together on an alliance guild called rocket science, but coming here because we were on a dead server, and had some change in leadership. We have killed six bosses this tier, but have people with several top 100 world kills on bosses in previous tiers. We'll raid Mon/Tues from about 8-12 east coast time. Two days a week is plenty of time to progress, and kill hard modes. Raiding seriously, and eliminating downtime can allow a two day a week raid schedule to be competitive.
you are literally perfect for our raid group and i can give you a starting core spot thehutch#1563 is my battletag hit me up i would love to talk to you

Raid days T/W/T 9pm-12 EST.

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