There are many like it, but this one is mine

Balance druid always and forever. Though I make it a point to play all the specs - character-wise, I feel that it is dangerous and limiting for a druid to tie themselves to a single identity - just a druid single-mindedly focused on restoration, or sinking into an animal form.

Balance is what ties it all together, and keeps us as an order - a force for good.

It is all a balance!

You see, this is where we Taurens are masters of idenity...while on duty we roam the battle fields as Lions, Bears, Road Buzzards or Tree Ents. When off duty, we roam the pastures as cows...

If you swap races that of the Chosen Race for Druids; the Taurens, you will understand this statement...
^^^ Pardon the Gnomer, his main and off spec is Banker, but he does speak the truth.
Fire for life!

I absolutely have HATED the way Arcane plays over the years and Frost has so many abilities that I feel compelled to clog up my action bars to overflowing (ruining any sense of aesthetic design for my button layout) that I would much rather keep Fire. Besides, I think I have a little pyromaniac inside me. Of course, I *am* Forsaken, so I may have ate a gnome....

But seriously, though, Fire is the spec I shall forever keep this character in.

Damn be the piddly few % dps loss I would've lost due to high latency anyway should my spec of choice fall behind in the eyes of the min/max crowd. I'm not here to please them so they can go jump in a lake. Because I lit them on fire. Aww, dammit, I ruined the joke.

Oh well.
Aerana started out as fire over five years ago. I made it until level 40 and that's when the Ravenholdt IRC (specifically Danz and Behe) told me that frost was the way to go. She's been PvP frost ever since. I PvE in frost whenever possible because I love the spec, but I did go fire and arcane occasionally when it was necessary for TE's raid groups.
Been affliction for years but recently tried destro and enjoying it too.
Seems I'm not alone in this. Now can everyone please stop telling me to spec BM. Thank you.
Transforming into a demon with a literal army of minions to do my work for me will never get old.

Unless they radically change demo, I'll always have one spec for it.

I alternate between destro and affliction. Destro play gets a little boring, and it's god-awfully boring in PvE.

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