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I've looked through some forum threads, downloaded Tidyplates, and still can't figure out a good answer for this. Forgive me if this is an easy one, but here's what I want:

In Bg's, particularly big ones like AV and IoC, but really any BG, I'd like to change the nameplate size and color of the 2-3 people I am in a party with, doing casual random BG's. I'd also like to change their color on the minimap. Or give their circle on the minimap a colored ring around it. That way I could still see which one was our pally and which one our priest, but the ring around it would let me know it's my party members so after I rez/get separated, I can find them easily. We often don't use any vent/communication. Even if we did, this would keep the vent from being clogged with "where are you?" conversations, because the map would show it instantly instead.

Someone else, in one of the threads, mentioned wanting an option to change guildmate nameplate sizes/colors, so they could find them in hi-traffic areas like major cities. This add-on/blizzard-option would solve this persons problem too.

Ultimately, in a BG, I'd like to be able to set the color of the nameplates of my party members to something neon and easy to find in the BG. Perhaps even enlarge their nameplates by 10-30%. And when I look on the minimap or map, see the ring of neon color around my party members.

Is there an add-on that does something along these lines? An option in interface or display I can't find?
I thought when you scrolled in tidyplates options down to Widgets, the Show Group Class Icons did that but I could be wrong and in a bg or a raid it may highlight everyone rather than just your group. You could always ask Danltiger (author). He's very good with responding.
Thanks, I'll go put something on Curse, and/or on the link you just gave me. Sometimes, it's just too much wading through all the bells and whistles when a mod has a lot of options, to find the thing that does exactly what you want.

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