Soloing Old Content

I'm curious to hear how Paladins are at soloing old content. What spec(s) would you recommend for it? What's the furthest I might reasonably expect to get to at level 90?

I'm curious because I've heard a lot about DK's (especially Blood spec) being quite good at this, but I'm wondering how Paladins compare.

Thanks for all info!
Ret can pretty easily do all content up to LK 10 mans, where some things are just not doable due to mechanics, and some 25 man content. Prot can do a bit more, and a bit of other stuff is also quite a bit easier as prot.

Basically no spec is as good at soloing as a blood DK can be, but paladins do very well.
I can say that a paladin can easily solo all of ICC 10 (including some on heroic mode), with Blood Queen being the most difficult and just out of my ability, and gunship taking a bit of practice to get down. You have to do something like 150k dps to beat the mechanics on BQL, which should be possible with proper cooldown usage and good gear (keep in mind ICC has the massive raidwide buff unless you disable it).

Here's how I typically do ICC when soloing it (and the modes I've had success with in parenthesis).

- Marrogar (10N, 25N): I do this one as prot, it's easy solo, tanks never get spiked.

- LDW (10N): I do this as ret, haven't tried 25M, and I'd imagine it's is annoying with the MC.

- Gunship (10N): I do this as ret just because the most important thing seems to be killing the mage, axe throwers, and the enemies that board your ship as fast as possible, while maximizing your uptime on the guns. It takes a bit of trial and error to get this one down. Basically I get my gun primed to 90 before the fight starts. Once the fight starts, I make sure to always aim where I can also damage the axe throwers. When mage comes, kill her fast, and any axe throwers there, and kill adds on boat ASAP as they'll do a ton of damage to the boat.

- Saurfang (10N): I always do this one as prot with Sacred Shield. I never seem to have much luck as ret, but admittedly haven't put much effort in trying. It's easy as prot though.

- Festergut (10N): I do this one as ret to maximize damage. Keep in mind you can bubble off your stacks when they reach 9. If they hit 10 you'll die. You'll do massive damage by the time you are to 9 stacks. Takes a bit of self healing here and there so have to be careful.

- Rotface (10N): I'd imagine this one is doable on 25 and likely on heroic. The mechanics are completely broken when you solo it, and the boss really doesn't do much damage.

- Putricide (10N): I do this one as ret and ignore all mechanics. Try to time having big cd's for the end.

- Council (10N): I end up doing this one as prot. I didn't have much success as ret. it's really easy as prot though. I just try to collect a few of the shadow orbs to mitigate some of that shadow damage.

- BQL (10N): I haven't been able to solo her, but I've came fairly close. With potions, better gear, better usage of CDs she should be doable as ret. Prot just wouldn't have the damage to prevent getting turned.

- Dreamwalker (10N): I always do this one as ret with glyph of the battle healer. I toss as many heals as I can on the dragon while killing adds as quickly as possible. You really have to watch those little undead that run up to her from either side.

- Sindragosa (10N): I've done this as both ret and prot. Ret makes it faster but you have to be a bit more cautious.

- LK (10N): I've only done this one as prot, and haven't attempted it as ret. As prot it's pretty easy to do.

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