[Holy] questions about Durumu 10N

Hey all,

Main question: does arterial cut count as a dot so that hand of purity blocks 70% of the damage?

Also some other general holy questions for this fight:
1) what last talent do you use? I feel executioners sentence would be good due to the heavy tank damage, but also holy prism? due to durumu's large hitbox.
2)glyph of flash of light? due to having to use it to top up tanks quickly for arterial cut?
3) can a clemency specced holy pal make this a 1 tank fight due to rolling hand of protection on the tank, or are even 2 bops not enough

Light's hammer is key for this fight, during the color blind phase half and half the melee with the blue cone's members. I use clemency, but not for the bops but for the sacs to stop a lot of damage from the debuff.

Not too sure about hand of purity.
hand of purity is pretty useless all around. but i believe it counts
i would never trade clemency for it

1. Light's hammer is probably the best talent for most fights
its nice for color blind phase as everyone is stacked as tuggie says.
another good spot is for the dark phase when youre slowly strafing sideways

2. you shouldnt be struggling to top up tanks at all if youre using CDs, keep guardian for the first time a tank gets high stacks as you should be in color blind phase.
if youre struggling then your other healers may need to throw something on the tank themselves. you really need to time the casts and precast accordingly

3. we did try this a few times, technically 2 paladins (4 HoP) should be enough to manage the debuff but it it pretty tight and is not worth the trouble imo as we usually put the tanks in the yellow light as well.
i would recommend 2 healing instead of 1 taking if you need more DPS

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