[H] 5/12 group LF 1 skilled il500+ individual

Hello! My 10 man group has recently transferred to Zul'jin and is in need of one of the following:
Mistweaver Monk
Shadow Priest
Frost or Blood DK
Prot Pally
Might consider an exceptional Resto Shaman

The above list isn't an order of needs, we just need one of them. Please be at least 500 ilvl and those with experience and kills in ToT or pre nerf 5.0 heroic HoF/MSV/TotES will have preference over the ones without any. Geared and skilled Off specs are also a big plus

Raids are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 10 pm til 1 am server time, and you can either leave a post here or add my battletag OblivioN#1894
Still looking, you'd start this very sunday the 24th on Ji-Kun!

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