When does summer start in Azeroth?

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Is it when the Fire Festival starts or on Summer Solstice (June 20) or after Memorial Day? Someone said Azeroth only has two seasons so summer starts today (Vernal Equinox). Is there an official seasonal calendar somewhere? Our in-game one doesn't show seasons, does it?
Fishing wise, the summer bass becomes available about now, and the winter squid swap in after the Sept equinox. I've never seen anything in game that indicates seasons.
Summer starts in Stranglethorn Vale and winter begins in Dun Morogh.
I'd like to know this myself, so I can remember when I need to start singing Sweet Home Alabama.
Fisherfolks and pet collectors need to know.

k fine, it's acheeze related but still important!!
Just like there hasn't been an official timeline since 2007, they've never bothered to make their own seasons and the like... Just look at the topography and you'll see that they don't much care about realism. Way too many mountains for a world without plate tectonics (as far as we know). Personally, I enjoy making fake worlds as realistic as I can =P

I mean, heck, just look at the border mountains between two zones... Brown on one side, gray on the other. It's like they just have a tile set to a designated area, no blending... no realism... so sad.
Nah. It's just that Mumper said:

The Qiraji Guardling will be available in the summertime. Still a few months to go.

So few = three. That would mean June, right? We are in flux and waiting is haaaard.
So nobody knows?

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