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My husband and I are looking to join a casual, adult guild that does raiding. Feel free to send an in-game mail about your guild, if I don't check on here!

Edit: We are on EST so we don't want raids that start too late in the night and be lvl 25!
<All Shall Fade> is a lvl 25 guild just recently xferred to Lightbringer. We are in the same boat as you as far as raiding goes. We are in the process of building up our ranks so we can raid, pvp and do rbg. Right now our schedule is Mon/Fri RBG's 6-9 server and our raiding schedule is Tue/Thurs 6-9 server. However we are still in need of healers and tanks in order to get a full 10 man up and running. Our goal is to be in full swing by April 1st which is just around the corner.

We have a variety of members all adults but the one key factor is I not only consider this a guild but also my family. We work together as a unit and help each other out. I also agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that it is just that "Their" opinion.

My biggest pet peeve is respect if you can't respect your fellow guildies or other players in that matter I don't need you nor do I want you. Would love to talk more to you about this and would love for you to seriously consider joining us. We all have to learn somewhere so why not learn with people that are all on your same playing level.

Please feel free to contact me in game on Ismíra or Cassielle. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck

We are an Alliance guild on the server Lightbringer. We raid fridays and saturdays in the evening(8pm realm), so it should not get in the way of work/life. We need a tank and a healer. Although if you feel as though you are a skilled dps, we will look over all applicants. If you wanna talk more hit me up game zen#1446.

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