trinket ?'s and mr robot.

atm I am using essence of terror lfr version with Blossom of pure snow(1079 int and on use 3595 crit for 15 sec on a 1 min cd)
Since i am capped on jp , i just got the dominance offensive Dominators arcane badge(809 int and on use 2693 haste 15 sec , 1 min cd)
now despite it being lower in ilvl the arcane badge along with the herbalist buff gives me almost 6k haste every 2 min and 2693 haste every min for 15 sec.
seeing as how crit is not as usful for us as haste I was thinking that the haste trinket is the way to go and with essence procing every so often is ALOt of uptime for alot of haste.
where as the blossom is just some crit which does not even matter for lavaburst.
plus the fact then when ii hit lifeblood+ arcane badge im at 43% haste even without a essence proc or BL so it gives me alot more casts during ascendance.
however Mr. robot is telling me I should use my alchemist stone with essance. and that a great proc but even reforges to spirit(hit) its just 400 mastery/300 hit and the proc and its a much lower ilvl.
can anyone tell me what i should do, Im not able to use simcraft atm for some reason but you can armory me and tell me what you think.
Is mr. robot giving me bad advice?
Which do the experienced ele shaman think I should do,
any advice is welcome, Thanks.

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