Group of raiders looking for a new home

Hello all. Got a group of raiders that are looking for a new home on a higher pop/non-PVP server. Most of us played WoW in the early years, but most of us met in SWTOR. We just came back over to WoW last Octoberish and have been struggling to get a raid group up and running since then. Some of our raiders are no longer able to play, and so as a result, we have not been raiding as much as we'd like. We have skilled players, and are a pretty chill group.

Here are a list of some of the raiders that would be coming over:
  • Mendy (myself)~Shadow Priest~
  • Mordakkai~BM Hunter~
  • Razevil~Resto Druid~
  • Porkshoulder~Enhance Shammy~
  • Minithak (not 100% sure he will be joining us)~Affliction Warlock~
  • Kieres~Feral Druid~
  • Illwrath~Guardian Druid~
  • Riyder (not 100% sure he will be joining us)~Blood DK~
  • Emerîss~Holy Pally~
  • Aethyrn (Fresh 90)~Balance Druid~
  • Vícious~Assassination Rogue~
  • Captcha~Resto Druid~
  • Hmmm ... not really sure what else to say to make us sound like an attractive group ... We have two RL girl gamers (they do exist!), Emerîss is good at making sandwiches (no, he's not one of the RL girls), Porkshoulder will serenade you when you're feeling down (not too beautiful of a voice, but we love him anyways), and Minithak's very good at story time (those rofl, children-shouldn't-hear types of stories).

    I know there are a bunch of druids in there. Some players have other toons at 90, so if there's a specific class listed that's not needed, we might be able to accommodate. We just really want to get raiding again. Thanks for your time :)

    When you have a chance add me to your realID Brunai#1561, I would like to talk to you more in depth about your needs and wants.

    Currently our main raid is a 25 man. Days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday 9:30pm-12 EST. We are looking for more range and healers.

    We do also have a 10 man that might be looking more consistent people. Thursdays and off days, we are always running stuff, including 5.1 raids to help gear people out.
    My group recently transferred to Zul'jin and so far we're loving it here, we joined Voided which currently runs 3 10 mans with pretty similar progression in ToT (4/12, 4/12, 5/12). Best part, all 3 groups came from different servers.

    I'd like to talk to you as I'm currently looking for either a shadow priest or a hunter (my group is 5/12), but since I'm not sure about what you all are planning on doing once you have transferred, you should add my battletag OblivioN#1894 so we can talk.
    Thank you guys for the response. Much appreciated. The guild is still trying to decide on a server, but I have your contact info taken, so I may be getting in touch. :)

    Impulse is looking to fill a few spots for our 25man Roster. We have been on the Zul’jin sever since 2011 and a few of us have been together since BC. We are an adult oriented guild and a main progression focus. We enjoy raiding but also enjoy the social aspects the game brings.

    Our raid days and times are 7:30-10:30pm Server (EST) Wed & Thurs nights with an optional Monday night run.

    If this sounds like it could work for you please check us out at our website: http// and Apply. Or feel free to Contact me in-game via Battle net Pete#1756 if you have any questions.
    I could take you guys in!
    I will throw my two copper into the mix.

    Depending on what you are looking for either a guild to transfer into, or a raid team, the sky is the limit on Zul'jin. I personally can say that Relentless Aggression is always looking to add additional members to our roster. We moved over here a few months ago looking for greener grass and we have found it, just trying to bring up the number of active members within our guild.

    We are looking to add a additional raid to our roster that raids any day of the week besides Tuesday/Wednesday. The reasoning for this is we want it to be able to function on its own as a seperate team just housed under the roof of the guild. Team 1 and Team 2 would be just that, two seperate teams. If you guys/girls are looking for something like that, come talk to me and we can hash out the details.

    Best way to get ahold of me is via Battle Tag: Epicinsanity#1952. Even if your not interested in the guild, feel free to add me and we can talk about our transfer to Zul'jin. It's an amazing server with TONS of options. Just have to find the best fit for you. Look forward to chatting, and best of luck in your search!

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