[H]<Proven> is hosting a transmog contest!

Wyrmrest Accord
Stylish and ready to go??

No one wants to post and call attention to their mogs! You're afraid... my mog is quite amazing I know :P
Okay, so I'm just making sure we've got our prizes in order and then I'll have them posted up sometime this week.
Prize info is up!
Ffffff. I don't math gud.

ty for updating!!
To the top! One week left to get those xmogs together!
I can't wait to participate! :D
The sadness when I found a set I really like, but probably won't be able to get all the pieces in time. =/
Thrakkra is gonna gquit to compete!


Jokes on him we won't let him back in!!


edit: ddurn just pointed this out... maybe Thrakk just wants to look sharp.

So...if I wanted to use my tophat and diamond tipped cane, that'd be allowed, right? They can't be mogged, but the rest of the outfit can. >.>
I think it'll be up to our judges to decide. coughLAHKHcough
Thank you Wrelch for bringing this to my attention and imo... as long as most of the outfit is mogged then I personally don't see an issue with a bombdiggity cane :)

Excellent gif btw, Thrakk.
5 days.

I won't have my new mog by then! /cries
4 days!



It's the final countdown!
lol... very excited.. can't even seem to pick what I want to wear! It's like my closet is bare all of a sudden O.o
Guys, it's tonight! It's finally happening!

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