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I play on a low pop RP server so open world PvP is scarce, to say the least. I was hopeful with the addition of PvP dailies on the Isle, that world PvP might find a foothold. But it seems that by design, actual PvP between players is discouraged even when doing the PvP dailies. For example...

Horde quests send you into/near the Alliance rise to do your quests, and vice versa. Wouldn't it make more sense for both factions to quest in the same area to promote actual PvP? Fighting over the same mobs / resources rather would insure that people that wanted to fight against other players would at least be in the right area.

And then there's the fact that the quest NPC's that used to be flagged are no longer flagged. Apparently PVE folks don't like all the "XXXXX is under attack messages." But that's how those of us that want PvP know where to find it. As an alliance, my best chance of PvP is to camp my own factions NPC's and hope some Horde decide to do their PvP dailies.

My second best shot at PvP is to do my dailies solo and hope that someone will attack me while I've got multiple mobs attacking me while I dance between all the zapping wards. Because when I do the quests with an actual group, we rarely have anyone attack us and when they do, they can just flee right into the safety of their elite guards. I know I should probably transfer to a PvP realm, but I've got friends on my server that I don't want to leave.

Very disappointed... but I'll keep doing them and keep hoping for improvements.
So wait... let me get this straight, you expected PvP dailies to encourage people who likely chose a RP realm over RPPVP to engage in PvP activity?
Even on a pvp realm, the design behind the dailies is bad. Forcing me to do dailies in an area where my enemy has an advantage is just dumb. I'm suggesting that the quests could have put the players that wanted to pvp in the same area, where neither side has advantage over the other. And yes, even on an RP realm, there is PvP to be found.

BTW, it matter more on non-PVP realms because on the PVP servers, all dailies are PVP dailies... only difference is some reward valor, and some reward honor and conquest.

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