Soulfire 10M Core Recruiting

We are looking to fill our raid groups. We are a casual progression raiding guild. We accept any lvl or player.


MSV: 4/6
HoF: 1/6


Core Group:
Wed/Thurs/Sat 6-9pm Server Time
Weekend Group
Sat/Sun 8-11AM Server Time


Ilvl 470+ for all 5.0 raids
Ilvl 490+ for all 5.2 raids
Must be enchanted reforged and gemmed
DPS must be at least 60k

If you are wanting to join us or have any questions feel free to inbox me in game or send me an in game whisper.

Soulfire GM
Bump, looking for more people that want to raid. Soulfire is good people.

Weekend group is looking for healers, as well as dps as long as they challenge me atop the meters. Good luck!

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