<Plan B> 10 man raiding info :)

Hello Thrall!

Offical stuff:
-Newly formed raiding guild (Currently lvl 9)
-Currently 2/12 ToT
-Not currently recruiting
-Raid times: Tues/Thurs 8-11 pm server time
-Min ilvl 485 (490-495+ is ideal)

Non-official (but still pretty important) stuff:

Ok, now we can jump in the fun part. If you read the official stuff, and are still reading now, I assume you're at least slightly interested by our offer. Now, why would you join us?

We are a small, casual and friendly raid team looking for two more awesome players to join our ranks. We are a relaxed, and drama-free team. Should you join us, you're gonna find a team that can always have a good laugh, that's gonna let you facepull a boss during the mid-raid break to kill me because I'm afk, and you're gonna get to hear my sexy french canadian accent (at least I've been told it was sexy).

Take note, we're not looking for mindless boss killing machines. We're looking first of all to make new friends who can have fun playing with us.

What will we expect of you?

What we expect of you can be summarized in five short points: Attendance, sense of humor, positive attitude, ability to take criticism, and performance.

Attendance: We expect you to be there 2 days a week. We don't have that much time per week to raid, so we want to make the most of it. What you do the rest of your week is up to you, so if you use the raid nights to schedule movie nights with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, you might not be fit for long term raiding. Of course, real life situations can happen, but these should be the exception, not the norm.

Sense of humor: We're gonna make jokes about evrything, sometimes maybe quite the harsh jokes. You must be able to at least take them with a smile, or even better, join in on the fun. However, we make sure the team stays clean, no racist, sexist or any kind of discriminatory jokes will be tolerated. Also, we expect you to remember that this is just a game, if you come back from an afk break and your toon is dead, don't get mad, we're all going to get a boss pulled on us while we go afk one day or another.

Positive attitude: We're raiding. We're going to wipe. You're going to have some bad night, fail easy mechanics, and wipe the whole raid. Despite all that, we're all gonna keep a positive attitude. We're not asking to do like everyday was the best day in the world, but we're asking you to just stay awake, aware and trying the bosses with us even when you, or any of us, has a bad night.

Ability to take criticism: Nobody's perfect. It is related to most of the other things, but you will make mistakes. And you need to be able to take criticism after those mistakes. We'll not be angry, or anything, but we'll tell you that you made a mistake, and possibly how not to do it again. We simply expect you to be able to listen to and take in those criticism.

Performance: We're not a hardcore raid group, but most of us pour some time on their characters. Some more than others, it's ok. We're not asking you to be a theorycrafter or to min-max your toon to the limit (Heck, if you don't even know what those words mean it doesn't even matter, if you do then nice). We're simply asking you to be able to keep up with the rest of the team. If you're behind everyone else, you're gonna have to put a bit more efforts. If you're able to only log in for raids and still perform on par with everyone else, then grats to you, we won't ask more (even though that would be in opposition with my first and foremost point, which is that we want friends, not boss killing machines).

Final thoughts:

If you read through all this and are still interested (or curious) about joining us, I'd definitely like to hear from you.

If you want to apply, have any questions, or just want to talk or hear my sexy french canadian voice, just send me a whisper in-game, reply to this topic, send me an in-game mail or add my BattleTag DarkLight#1129.

Looking forward to hearing from our new raid buddy as soon as possible,


P.S.: Even if you're not playing the exact classes we recruit, take a chance and apply anyway. We're recruiting the players, not the characters they play.
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