Addon that announces when feared?

UI and Macro
First off...I hate having to figure out macros...but if there are no addons then I will learn to deal.
But I've googled and searched all over the place for a possible addon that will tell my party in an instance when I get feared / stunned / silenced / nature locked, etc.
I read through one other thread of someone curious about the same thing but it was a few years old and I'd like something that's at least partially up-to-date with the very updated WoW.

As much fun as it is to type it all out...I'd rather have something do it for me. But, I also play on and off a lot (one month I'll be here, the next couple I won't kinda thing lol) so I tend to forget a lot about what I've done, macros I've made, and end up just having the same problem over and over. So, any help to keep the people in the instances going "why the heck isn't our healer doing anything?" would be much appreciated!!! :D
I've looked and I haven't seen anything that's newly updated purely for this. This function is most commonly built into boss mods. So DBM, BigWigs or whatever else you use, should have an announce option for bosses that have some sort of fear/stun function if you look through all the options for that boss.

You could always use an announce mod like SpeakinSpell to set up a trigger for this, or use an even more generic mod like:
but that will require a lot of setup from you and looking up possible debuffs on you in advance.

Otherwise, preset mods like this are usually for PvP purposes and they are out of date (though they may function just fine) like this:
but again you'd have to add PvE related spells yourself into the lua file that you want it to track and announce.

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