[H - Mal'Ganis] <Keine Neuen> 10m and 25m

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join us!
I like turtles.
What are you guys recruiting tank wise? and when do you plan on going 25m?
We've got a monk, a DK, and possibly a warrior. We're looking to move into 25 mans as soon as we have the people to run them.
Still looking for dps!
Is there punch and pie?
Oh, absolutely. Mostly cake, though.
Looking for dps!
we have about 3 people looking to xfer here. We all have 2-3 toons to chose from. Let us know how the 25m progression is coming and what are the raid times?
11/12 and counting! We are excited for heroics, as well as getting back into 25 mans. We are still recruiting steadily and are well on our way to getting back into 25man raiding. More Loot, More Fun! If you have read our recruitment thread and still show an interest, please apply!

We are now at a roster of about 18 people, so two 10man teams are right around the corner. We are hoping for about another 10 people to add to the raid roster before we move into 25mans. We will probably start running 25mans the first week we have 25 people sign up for a week of raiding.
Our raid times are 8-11 CST tues-thurs
Please feel free to apply!
Looking for dps!
sorry 8CST is to early :(
Still need 1 tank and rdps
come one come all! except for baddies, especially czyr.
website is back up and running
Still looking for rdps( especially locks and hunters) and one tank.
looking for a tank and some locks and hunters.
I'd love to throw my hat in the ring. I've been trying to find a raid group that fit my schedule since I transferred to Mal'ganis a few weeks ago. I have only done ToT on lfr, and ilvl is ~495 depending on what exactly I have equipped. I am smart, I watch videos of fights, I will be properly forged/enchanted, and I have good raid awareness. I've also been wanting to join a 25 man raid too so if everything worked out in that regards that would be great.

Let me know.
come apply at our website: http://www.keineneuen.com

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