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come apply, could use hunters!
need some hunters or locks
Hunters are cute - sort of.
recruiting 2 hunters
looking for hunters, warlocks and rogues!
hunters warlocks rogues
we're looking for hunters and rogues!
To the top!
Apparently we need 7 rdps for the exit of Czyr and the return of Hsyr
Do want.

So get your app on!
all are welcome to apply, we are especially light on hunters warlocks and rogues, but anyone who feels inclined to apply certainly should. we are more in the habit of recruiting the player rather than class-stacking. Boomkins and mages would even out our tier distribution
looking for warlocks, hunters and rogues.
12/12 prot paladin all the heroic guilds are 25 man. I'm not to interested in 25 man. Hit me up
Just so you know, we are actively recruiting for 25 mans. If you're still interested, put in an app at our website: http://www.keineneuen.com
hunters and rogues
I am looking for a place to be, I need to get a new guild that could make use of a 519 enhancement sham. I need to get transferred over to a good server and seated into a 25 man raiding guild so I don't sit idle for to long. This may sound unusual but if this interests you my tag is Wolf#1973. I have much information and questions to ask that may seem rather unusual for a raider to talk about.
Come and apply at our website http://www.keineneuen.com
rogues and hunters and tanks!
come apply today!
I have a rogue
hunters and rogues, tanks and more!

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