Unholy Leap/Gnaw macro help

UI and Macro

I use this:

/petattack [target=focus,exists,nodead]
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] Leap; Leap
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] Gnaw; Gnaw

I compiled this from a few sources, but I'm not sure it's right. It's supposed to auto attach, Leap and Gnaw the focused target, or the current target if there's no focus set.

However it doesn't seem to cast Leap or Gnaw all the time, maybe works 25% of the time.

Can anyone correct this macro or tell me what's wrong? Thanks much!
Well for one they both trigger the gcd and I do not think you can cast them at the same time, since they're both pet abilities. It's not like one is your ability and one is your pet's.

And even if they weren't both triggering gcd, leap will require some time to function ie. for ghoul to get to its target, no? With that macro, you're triggering both at once or in other words, trying to gnaw before you ever get to the target.

You need to use castsequence if you absolutely want this in one macro:
Hmm I'm not sure that's true. Most people have basic macros like:

/cast Leap
/cast Gnaw

However I'm looking for a focus macro that's a little more elaborate. Also, I believe the Gnaw would hold until the pet gets to the target. I know they can be used together, because I've actually used the above macro.

Thanks for the input.
The change for the above macro was made back in BC:

Then since, they introduced lag tolerance and people discovered they sort of could get around that if they set their lag tolerance to not zero and mashed their keys, thus abusing the spell queuing mechanic to make these work. This was since finally fixed in 5.1.
So if it did work once upon a time, it wasn't really supposed to and it doesn't now.
Try the castsequence and see if it works for you. If yes, then that was likely the issue. If not, then it might be something unrelated.
I see I see, thanks you Sedivy :)
/cast [nomod] !Leap
/cast [nomod] !Gnaw
/cast [mod:shift, target=focus] !Leap
/cast [mod:shift, target=focus] !Gnaw

and ur gnaw will not go off all the time because he has a energy bar, he spams claw and it uses 40 energy. Make sure u have energy on pet before u gnaw. Maybe turn claw off just before you're going for a gnaw.

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