How do I get the pvp tailoring patterns?

I need help getting them.
Do your daily Imperial Silk cooldown (not the one that takes SoH) and you'll discover one each day.
Ive done it twice and I haven't received anything
Yet the armoury shows you have discovered 4 crafted dreadful gladiator patterns as well as one of the epic boot patterns.
I'll hold your hand...

Pay attention to chat logs for yellow text, while doing your Silk cooldowns, and then confirm by typing the word "dreadful" in your tailor profession search window to see the pvp craftables you have learned thus far. For epic recipes, repeat same steps, replacing the word "dreadful" with a word within the epic's name.
Yes, I noticed a few in my list today, so I watched the chat log when I did the "make cloth" daily cooldown. I noticed I got a new one. I need more grinds....

Anyone want a silkworm pet BTW? <grin>
Also, if you want the 450 PVP patterns, you need to buy those in the Vale for the price of 1 Spirit of Harmony each. So get farming.

Why those recipes don't get cheaper, now that they're worthless, I dunno. But some people claim to still be selling the crafts to the thrifty.
ummm you have learned 8 of them.
ummm you have learned 8 of them.

Well duh, it's been 3 days since he made this thread. Pay attention to dates!

Yeah, I didn't notice the new PvP recipes til my GM asked if I could make mage gear. Then I looked.


Also guildie doing the Imperial silk CD for the 2nd time got one of the 522 gear recipes. I've been doing it every day since patch and all I get are worm pets! Not that I know what/where Haunting Spirits are (the new Blood Spirit, I guess) but still /grr

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