Sanctum Of Serpents Recruiting

Guild Mission Statement: To offer players a comfortable and casual game-play experience with other players that desire the same thing, while also working together as a Guild to improve the quality of game-play experience for each other.

Sanctum Of Serpents is a Leveling guild designed to offer a simpler approach of game-play. We are Alt-Friendly, and work together to have fun.

Sanctum Of Serpents is NOT a Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild.

So what are the requirements to join S.O.S.?

- You must play Horde, for we are a Horde guild.

- You must play on the Dalaran server, for we are... a Dalaran guild.

- You must be mature, and friendly. Inappropriate guild-chat is not tolerated and could result in temporary suspension or termination.

What do I not need to worry about?

- The classes and specs you choose are what you play. We have no desire to dictate what you do. Any and all classes are welcome in S.O.S.

- Level does not matter. As a leveling-based guild - that would be silly.

- Race choices, like class and levels, does not matter.

- Gear does not matter. You do not have to worry about what the ilevel on the gear you wear is. You will not be denied to join in on friendly activities, such as
running heroics, or LFR's with S.O.S. (However, keep in mind the game requires you to have a minimum ilevel for some content, so you'll need to have that.)

- You will not have to worry about feeling like the guild is a free for all. There will still be rules that you have to follow, to ensure that everyone is respected, and that
there is some sense of organization in the guild.

- You will also not have to worry about the inverse, the guilds rules aren't too restricting or harsh. They are put in place so that everyone can avoid drama.

So what are the guild rules?

-coming soon-

End note:

If you are interested in joining, please reply here, PST/Send in game mail to guild master, "Leon".

Thank-you for taking the time to read, and see you in game!
Left to go to the Horde side on 4/1/2013.

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