<Habitat For Insanity> 2 Core Raid Spots Open

Currently looking for 2 people to help fill out our 10 man roster.

Sadly we've had people's schedules change and are unable to raid with us any longer.

Flasks/Food are always provided.

We just need two solid players, any roles as we can shift some of our group around to fulfill missing roles.

Roles we're looking for:

Tanks: Any but DK
Healers: Monk/Druid/Priest
DPS: Warlock/any

Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 7:15 - 11 Server Time.

Currently Clearing ToES on Tuesday for the first part, then progression into ToT.

Feel free to reply here, whisper me in game, or send me mail. My battle.net ID is DoucheCanoe#1661
Im interested in your tank spot add me Zues#1499

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