Defending the Monk class....

I'm gonna try to keep as calm as I can, when I try to convince people that without a doubt have absolutely nothing to say but biased claims on thing's like ring of peace and how "Monks are fine"

And even hearing all this QQ about RoP sickens me.. Because ofcourse the players who have a slower time learning the curve of new abilities that they've just received, would be crying about an ability that MELEE probably find annoying.. And yeah I get that, it's a ring that keeps me safe from ultimate DEATH when you're popping every single CD on me like a blubbering IDIOT.. Karma can be Ice Blocked, Bubbled, maybe even grounded.

And since most of the classes that have the ability to burst in under 3 seconds, are RANGE anyway, So it's like the only thing protecting me from MORONIC player's that mindlessly blow CDs at terrible times so I can counter it. The CD for it is LOW and that's completely UNDERSTANDABLE... Seeing as the ONLY thing keeping a monk alive from player's who can't even think to counter one of the most easiest classes to destroy from 100% to 0% in under 3 seconds, If played CORRECTLY.

So WHENEVER I even hear a RoP QQ thread, I gag a little because of how DISGUSTING the PvP feedback is from players that are MORONS.

YEAH... It's a swifty video IDC, But it puts wind walker monks second to last next to BLOOD DK'S, In burst. While a fire mage CAN burst in under 3 seconds, In the right situations. So please... JUST STAHP ABOUT MONKS....

No this is not a buff scissors, nerf rock and paper thread.

YES this is a rant about the terrible BIASED feedback players give, when stricken with an ability THEY find OP.

But hell it's probably gonna get nerfed regardless.

And yes, the capitalized words are for the slow ones out there that will have trouble understanding this thread...
I think RoP should DR with other disarms, I complain about it in arena and all but it's not THAT bad, though DR would be nice, and his burst video is very different, monk with rogue healer 3s is pretty nice and you know he was just letting them attack him so it's not a good representation of it I guess.

Some monk teams are a good fight but I don't think playing serious this patch I've lost to a monk team because of RoP, but I see how Melee would want a nerf, the silence isn't too bad.
lol. YOU are A biased PERSON and I don't KNOW why you KEEP capsing RANDOM words goodBYE.

I clearly explained that, But I guess I can't help clear that up enough to idiot's..
Thanks buddy, I respect that opinion.

I also think a DR would be understandable

Could you elaborate that loss?

And yes of course, bursting like that would take a lot of luck or either a skilled player to set it up, especially if Deep Freeze if off the GCD.

I cannot imagine RMP or anything like that against a Monk class, If the Monk pops Nimble Brew and Trinket, That's game, and this is speaking about WW. Burst would just be too strong, and I feel bad for saying that.
Every class has ways around RoP to continue doing damage. I'd say Warriors are the only real class that really struggles with it. All you have to do is move out (almost all classes should already have a slow or stun on kill target anyways). Rogues can LOL-ST (not to mention poisions keep ticking). Ferals have their bleeds ticking plus Moonfire (I know this requires to swap forms but you do it all the time anyways). Enhancement has shocks and totems that can be used. Other WW monks can CJL and SFB if they have chi. Blood DKs still have diseases ticking not to mention can apply a lot of damage from 10 yards (outside of RoP).

Like I've said in other threads - RoP to me, when playing against it, is only a minor inconvenience. I hop out and SFB and CJL.

Remember, we have two stuns - Fists of Fury (requires 3 chi and we often get screwed on position and it doesn't actually work) and Leg Sweep. Leg Sweep is sacrificed for RoP. The only other CC we have is Paralysis - which breaks by blowing on it. This is only really beneficial against 30% of arena specs (the others are casters, healers and hunters). And, any of those ranged specs usually have good ways of peeling when this is out.
insult me via my class then call me a child. THE IRONY LOL. Also I like that last part. Like totally just leav totez're like a mage. My constructive criticism is that you're bias and calling other people idiots doesn't help your case. Cya.

Yeah I was hoping you would take a hint and realize this thread isn't really for you buddy, It's like why are you even here you said you were gonna leave on your first post, it's like you're sticking around because you're so insecure you have to check up on the thread to see the first person insulting you.

I said you're a mage because I'm trying to get the point across, why are you even here if you're not even putting anything to the table.
Take the hint and leave man. Peace
03/21/2013 09:10 AMPosted by Xyril
All you have to do is move out (

1. Have you EVER tried to do that with a WW monk on you. Their mobility is insane though I'm sure you'll say it isn't

Actually yes, all the time. Besides, WW monks rarely use it on themselves. Also, when did I say their mobility isn't great? If you need to move or get out, it's amazing. If you need to target an enemy to close a gap - it's less. No one is arguing monk mobility - that's one of their saving graces.

And as far as Fists of Fury - I've literally had people running around 3 yards in front of me not getting triggered by the stun. You'd be surprised.
He's still here lmao, haven't you said bye like 3 times already

I mean are you trying to say that monks are fine dude...
What is your point, What are you even trying to get at being on this thread and doing nothing but bashing lol...
03/21/2013 09:15 AMPosted by Xyril
You'd be surprised.

I wouldn't

Someone's huffy puffy. Can't offer any substance, just complains.
You'd be surprised. I wouldn't Someone's huffy puffy. Can't offer any substance, just complains

It's insecurities dude

I call it the cowardice of anonymity
He sits behind a computer screen and does nothing but bash and bash
03/21/2013 09:17 AMPosted by Xyril
He's still here lmao,

no1s talking to you right now...

Jesus are monks the new ele shamans WW monks are fine right now

Where did anyone go out !@#$%ing say WW are horrible? Seriously, quit pulling random ^-*! out of your @#$ and leave. Point out one spot anywhere in this thread where myself, or anyone else, said monks are bad.
He's still here lmao, no1s talking to you right now...Jesus are monks the new ele shamans WW monks are fine right now and MWs are in a pretty decent spot inb4 "BUT ARENA REP SAYS" arena rep doesn't usually matter but I'm not going into detail about that atm k I'll really leave now to make you happy.

Icing on the cake.. You're talking to me. You're willing to waste time on my thread and not put out any feedback at all buddy.

You don't play MW, You don't play WW... You play a mage, so all you can really do is come up with opinions man, And "Not going in to detail" just proves how little you actually know.
MW is way more powerful than WW in the current state, At least in RBGs. And WW hits as hard as... well.. a WW

I wouldn't be surprised if you hovered over the thread and still read a couple posts because of how insecure you are hahaha.

ROP isn't OP. Just a burst counter which generally only works against melee unless you can get on top of a caster as well.

Pretty much all classes have burst counters or offheals that are similar. Not that big of a deal.

Sad that almost every post I see about ROP describes it as a LONG game but never says "we lost". Apparently it really isn't that OP if the monks aren't winning. Monks definitely aren't facerolling you.

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