Defending the Monk class....

I don't have to be at their meetings to understand their logic, in fact, they post most of their philosophies on Twitter.



I'm sorry you're not as well informed.
Because foresight from critical analysis is voodoo.

Oh well, ignorance is bliss.
OPs main just in case anyone was wondering
Does anyone honestly get scared when they see they are facing a monk team? Yeah, they have some big defensive cds, but for the most part it's a really buggy class with a lot of weaknesses (e.g. basically no ranged damage with limited root breaks).
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People want the ability nerfed because it's too powerful, not because Monks are too powerful.
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Does anyone honestly get scared when they see they are facing a monk team?

I lol at them
WW monks with RoP is stupid as hell. Not possible to peel them when they have it on. It's effectively a non DR'd 8 second CC. It makes it so when they are going offensive on a healer the healer can't actually do anything besides heal, no fear, no interrupt, no hex, no hoj, no peels for themselves.

Monks on top of the have short blanket silence, AoE stun comparable to shockwave, instant 6 second CC, infinite escape mechanics, short term damage immunity, 90% shield wall against casters on short CD, stun break, last stand + barkskin, and port. I mean unless you manage to kill them in a 5 second stun after they trinketed and nimble brewed, they can chain their CDs on every burst attempt making it impossible for them to die.

Their peels for their partners also quite ridiculous where the only option is to spam chain CC the monk and kill the healer because the monk can peel nearly forever for their 3rd partner.
ROP is a 45 sec CD bubble that can be used on ANYONE.


Pally bubbles are on 5mins CD.

Saying monk survival is balanced around ROP is idiot talk.

Remember, you still have stuns, mobility, teleport, disarm, 2nd trinket (WW spec), and off-heals!!

ROP needs to be on 2mins CD.
lol ww monks.
I don't really UNDERSTAND what's GOING on in this thread, but I'LL read through IT ANYWAY
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The way I understood it, the OP was attempting to present two claims here.1. RoP is balanced.2. WW Monks (or Monks in general) need more buffs.It's also worth nothing that you probably don't want to be agreeing with the OP for a few reasons.1. He complains about bias, and then, well, I don't even have to finish this one.2. He's insulting all of his readers in the first 5 seconds of reading.3. He doesn't make valid points (one of his points is a Swifty burst video).4. He's not very intelligent.With all that garbage out of the way, Ring of Peace is an incredibly annoying tool to deal with. It's far too strong for a 45 second cooldown. Yes it has counters, but it also has a guaranteed efficiency when used correctly that shuts down 2-5 minute cooldowns with a single press of a button. This is completely fine, but on not a 45 second cooldown. I'd like it to see a raise to 1-1.5 minutes along with DR on the disarm portion.The worst part about this ability for Monks that want more buffs is that it's going to prevent any worthwhile buffs coming their way. People want the ability nerfed because it's too powerful, not because Monks are too powerful.This is the only reason that Monks are viable at high rating. And it will be the reason they'll receive no buffs until it's fixed.Is it a huge problem? Not for me, but if you hope to have any chance for buffs, you're going to have give up this specific rendition of the ability.

So I was taking a nap, and went out for the day.. Just got back, and I guess I'll reply then..
I play a few different classes, Monk being one of them.. And yeah I'll admit I play the class and have an opinion that is probably biased. But when it came to the patch and the buffs and nerfs of the class, I decided to play MW.

So I shouldn't have come off saying that my opinion wasn't biased and I apologize sincerely.

But when it comes to insulting, I didn't insult every one of my readers, I was insulting a basher, which I wouldn't even doubt if it was you from earlier..

Also, I never asked for buffs.. If you read the post, it was mostly in the defense of ring of peace.

Relating to the video.. It's just a burst video, no heals, not in an arena situation.. It just shows a high capability and chance of damage output. And in most situations getting damage off like that, is somewhat of an effort to set up. But I will not say that kind of damage has absolutely no chance of being done in an arena and RBG scenario. I also have a hard time believing that the ability is "overpowered", according to you. So there's my opinion and I'll put it out there
Monks are the squishiest class in the game outside of cooldowns.

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