Self ring/circle marker addon, aoe as melee

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For the longest time I have been a melee class player, and I have always find myself -out of range- on mass packs aoe situations. Just need to have an option to see my character that way I can find myself and get closer to targets.

So the question is, is there any addon that places a highlighted circle/ring marker on your character?
I do not even know what the term of it would be so it is hard to do a search for something you really don't know what to call.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated.
Hmm. The issue I think is whether you can show your own nameplate period. I've tried and I do not think there is a player nameplate because there isn't one by default provided by blizz (or at least I can't seem to find a way to show it).
So...I don't think it's possible as we can't add stuff in 3D unless it's there already in some fashion.
I could be wrong though so see what others say.
the easiest way to do this would be an addon that just puts something small in the center of your screen, since your camera should always be centered exactly on your character unless i'm mistaken

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