Protection Warrior ilvl496, LF raiding guild.

Looking for a place to transfer to. Sen'jin just seems dead and I am looking for a new server that has more going on. I raided seriously up till a couple of years ago, and looking to get back into it now that my schedule will allow it.

I only hit 90 on this toon a couple of weeks ago, but worked my *** off to get up to the gear lvl needed to get into ToT. So now I am wanting to find a solid guild and do what I can to help the group progress. I also have a horde warrior and priest that I have ToT experience on, but prefer to play on this toon.

Thanks for any interest.
hey we are a newly formed guild we raid the end of last tier and most got 16/16nm and 5/16hm we are after a warrior tank to fill our ranks we are 1/12 on tot but for the last week we have had a tank so if you interested the add me at trippledrop#1642
LF Good Warrior tank that can communicate well on vent and raid well. We will raid 11 pm - 2 am ST GMT +10 add me if ya keen on talking some more
Whisper me or Brocolliform in game, can add Vivacious#1638 if needed. I have 2 tank spots open and in need of filling for ToT progression.

Provided you are willing to transfer of course :)
if nothings happened our tanks left due to personal reasons and are looking for a replacement friendly environment done 3/12 before with a newly formed group should have gone 6/12 soon if we didn't lose tanks. #xanity1444
Avenger is a team of skilled and experienced raiders focused on heroic progression.

We're currently looking for dedicated, talented tank for our core 10. Exceptional players of other roles may also apply for consideration.

Heroic raiding experience is preferred, but most important is a hunger for excellence in your class.

Our core raiding lineup are sensational players. Successful applicants will round out a heroic raiding group with the potential to be one of the best raids on server.

An inconsistent lineup this patch has resulted in a much lower rate of progression than we are used to (6/12 as of 15th of April). Our loss is your gain - the successful applicant can look forward to playing in a professional raid environment at a skilled level.

Raiding schedule:
Wednesday 7:00PM - 11:00 PM AEST
Sunday 7:00PM - 11:00 PM AEST
Monday 8:00PM - 11:00 PM AEST

I look forward to reviewing your application at:

Or hearing from you in-game:
real ID:

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