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I posted the following on Scrolls of Lore a few days ago. I'm re-posting my questions here now to possibly get more views on my thoughts.

When, can we speculate, did Aethas Sunreaver make the transition from High Elf to Blood Elf? In other words, at approximately what time lore-wise did he decided it was a good idea to start using Fel magic, and support the Blood Elves move to join The Horde? Was he a Blood Elf before he moved to Dalaran, or did he make the transition whilst in Dalaran as a member of the Kirin Tor? Or, alternatively, was he always a Dalranian High Elf?

I remember reading somewhere (hopefully not one of the RPGs...) that, historically speaking, Dalaran was a nation that predominantly stuck to the use and study of Frost and Arcane magic, as fire magic was seen to be too demonic in nature. The High Elves, as well, generally seemed to share this perception, up until of coarse, the dramatic cultural shift from High Elf to Blood Elf took place with the rise of the Blood Elves after the Scourge Invasion, during the Third War. It's relevant to note, however, an exception to this rule (and possible retcon) seems to be with Jaina and her actions during the Hollow's End holiday in Golden's "Rise of the Lich King" novel; however, that was really just once to light a scarecrow aflame; and we also don't know just HOW strongly the Kirin Tor felt about fire magic.

Anyways, I mention these points because if the Kirin Tor fostered a general culture of wariness and possible disdain towards the use of Fire magic because it was percieved to be too demonic, imagine how they would have felt with regards to the use of Fel magic, not only to cast and conjure spells, but to also "fuel" the very lives of a portion of it's members.

My theory here is this: Aethas would have started to use Fel Magic DURING his tenure on The Council of Six, because it would be only then that he would have had any real power to put up a verbal fight against those who would have been against his decision to use Fel Magic.

What are your thoughts, though?

Also, did Blood Elves ever help to rebuild Dalaran during the third war, after it's destruction, or were there just too few of them? Would they have been from Quel'thalas, or, alternatively, would they have been High Elven citizens of Dalaran who were simply sold on Blood Elven ideals? Could they have possibly been a mix of both? I wonder how the Dalaranian-born High Elves of Dalaran would have felt about the attempt to execute Kael'thas and his Blood Elven soldiers. I ask these questions because I want to try and get an idea of exactly when Blood Elves were allowed into Dalaran. It must have been before Aethas comes to Silvermoon to ask for Lor'themar's support during The Nexus Wars, because, at that time, Aethas himself is a Blood Elf, and, not only that, but he's a member on The Council of Six, thus implying, by my mind at least, that Blood Elves were indeed already in Dalaran at that time.

So many questions...

What are your thoughts?

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