Holy 2v2

What you be a good partner for a holy pally 2v2?

I understand 2s is a broken bracket and some combos just rip others apart, but I'm looking for a good partner for a holy pally for fun/semi-serious.

Obviously not looking for glad or anything, just something that has good synergy.

Thanks in advance!
Warrior or Death Knight
Do either of them struggle due to lack of cc or is their pressure enough to compensate? Just curious as I read that dks are terrible for 2s since they have little cc.
ugh dude I hate healer-dps 2s.

i have been flirting with trying shockadin for 2s.
Ok, so we have it narrowed down to a few classes.

Holy pally +
WW Monk?

It was commented earlier that a DK would make a good comp, but they lack cc so I'm just feeling out options. These are the classes available to us...which one would work or not work for any reason?

Thanks again!

Those two work really well with our cc and dr. I run with a mage but rep dr's with sheep and hoj with his deep so its not great but he is a good mage so we do ok anyway.

Rogue could do good too but they run well with anything imo.

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