497 Ele Sham LF Raiding Guild

I'm looking for a raiding guild for my shaman.

add me on battletag ZanZi#1737

Check out our recruitment post and lemme know if our guild sounds like a good fit for you, we've been looking for a decent Elemental shaman for a while.

Only problem is I have no exp in MoP raiding yet. Hard to get exp since all the groups require you to have the achieve to go with them :(
Hello from Bleeding Hollow

We're on the lookout for a hard thing ele/resto. We're willing to show you the fights if you're willing to be a progression minded and aggressive raider. To put it bluntly - put a blur bar at the top of my skada, move your feet, and yell when you have frostbite on you then you'll be fine. We believe that the player makes the raider, not the gear or touting an achievement of having been carried.

Raid times are T/W 715-10 and Sun 7-10est

Recruitment thread here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8197742829

Realid juda#1210

Ps- bleeding hollow is a great server with good progression, good horde:ally ratio (50/50), and almost never any que to log in
I'd prefer to stay on Illidan. Not going to pay for a realm x-fer just to raid
hey man-

Reach out to myself, Loratabb, Ricochet or Soupedup. We're definitely looking for an Ele Sham for Fri/Sat raiding. Would prefer you have some experience though... any LFR logs to show?
I talked to Loratabb earlier and got a quick log in from an LFR this morning. it's not optimal cause I'm not where I usually play and the connection here is garbage, but its something.
Yea - just make sure you post some logs.. I don't even see any MSV, HoF or ToES kills... it's pretty easy just to get into a PUG run
That would be because I've not been able to get into a pug for them because I don't have the exp
World Boss is currently a 10m raiding guild on Illidan that is actively recruiting to be a 25m. We are looking for dedicated players for 5.2 content and beyond!The core team consists of players who have been playing since Vanilla. Our goal is to have a progression oriented roster of 13-14 members while maintaining a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Because of our somewhat limited schedule we stress the importance of being on time, researching fights before attempting new bosses, and bringing enough food, flasks, and potions for a three hour raid session. If you have lag or computer issues we probably aren't the guild for you.

Current Progression: 16/16n T14, 1/12 ToT

Raid Times:
Wednesday - 9pm - 12am
Thursday - 9pm - 12am
Sunday - 9pm - 12am

Current Needs: WW Monk, Disc / Holy Priest, Ele Shaman / Boomkin . Must be 495+

Loot Distribution: We will be using loot council. New recruits will have a two week trial period before they are eligible for loot. Loot is a product of our success as a team and should not be the sole reason for raiding with us. We want players who will commit long term.

Attendance: Trials who don't make at least 80% (five) of the raids in their two week trial period will not be considered for a raider position. Commitment is very important to us and we expect all raiders to notify an officer if they won't be able to make a raid night.

If you are struggling to find a guild to raid with, now is the perfect time to find a new team! If you are interested in joining us or want to get some more information drop one of our officers a whisper.

Officers: Synarion, Furikury, Healypriest, Gâtaliania, and Mazeppa
Bumping myself
I'm 499 ilvl now :P
Still looking for a guild :(
A shaman in need is a shaman indeed


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