[H-RP]The <Undercity Census> is recruiting!

Wyrmrest Accord
Grumbling under her breath about the painful lack of paper runners in the office these days, the undead woman saunters up to the Warchief's Command Board in Tarren mill, and added the same lengthy scroll to the wooden construct's surface as she had in Brill, Undercity, Andorhal, and the Sepulcher...

Hear ye! Hear ye! The illustrious Undercity Census is now recruiting. We are the pens and quills of the Forsaken, serving as historians, librarians and record keepers since the dawn of our kind. In more recent times, we have been called to aid our people as the Dark Lady's voice, acting as diplomats and ambassadors across the lands of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. However, due to separation from the Deathguard of old, we also seek those skilled with bow and blade. We ask for trackers to locate people or persons, scouts to collect information with which to add to our libraries, and bodyguards to protect our dignitaries as they travel abroad, seeing the four corners of Azeroth and beyond.

Now, while we aim to support and recruit mostly our brothers and sisters of undeath, we would also like to extend our hands in accepting representatives of the other Horde races. However, this will be a carefully screened process, and only two per race shall be permitted. In short, we hope to solidify our affiliation with the greater Horde, and not just bonds with our closer kin.

Should any questions be raised in regards to our humble and dedicated organization, please speak to any of our representatives within the Undercity or general Brill area. Be well, and may the Dark Lady watch over us all.


OK! Time for the OOC part. Now, some of you may know me or seen me around, a good few of you blue siders have likely exchanged more then harsh words and a few spells/bullets/arrows/ blades with me. And of those who spoken with me in pleasant affairs, you have probably heard me preach gospel about the 'Census'. "But what is this Census?" many of you have probably asked yourself, or more accurately, wondered why it matters to you. Now, the answer is this:

[Lore wise] The UC Census finds it's roots in lore, as being a group of record keepers and number takers. There were even a few quests back in the day, where they helped you find someone's dearly beloved, yet long dead relative. Most times that relative would be Forsaken. It was an often thankless, tiresome job, one that is self rewarding to to those who wished to help their fellow undead.

[Modern day/Canon] Now, with the Cataclysm behind us, and the numbers of undead rising once more thanks to Val'kyr, every aspect of the Dark Lady's various servants and agents have had to step it into overdrive. The Census has taken up this challenge to further help it's kin by adopting the role of town legates, wayward traveling diplomats, and more active field agents to locate those we seek information on. We also assist people in finding a guild they can be happy with, even if it is not our own. ((Yes, we have actually helped a LOT of people get recruited into the guilds they wanted, at the detriment of our own numbers. >.<))

[The Coalition] As stated before, the Undercity Census is part of a collaboration between two other guilds. These being the militaristic <Forsaken Watchers> (Link pending), and enigmatically innovative <Royal Apothecary Society>.( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4362517416?page=1#1 ) We have tried, and continue to make efforts in expanding this coalition to include more then just forsaken exclusive guilds (We are at current seeking an orc clan that would like to join the coalition as our Kor'kron Overseers *Hint hint*) There is also <The Lordaeron Academy>, a group dedicated to teaching RPers the lore behind our preferred race. We would love to have offers from troll, tauren, and even blood elf and goblin guilds in order to expand our RP ((After all, I did mention we are seeking representatives from each race^~ ))

((More to come.))
Disappointed that the other day I was able to get 4 Kor'Kron online and we went to undercity to do some "Overseeing" only to see there were only 20 people in Undercity...only 1 of which was a Forsaken....

[What Can We Offer you?] The Census is devoted to helping it's people get where they want to be, even if not with us. First and foremost, however, we provide an immersive atmosphere for not only zombie-centric RP, but also the possibility for YOU as the potential members to help peel away the layers of segregational stigma which many claim plagues our server. After all, is this not the true goal of any good diplomat? To make trusted friends and allies out of skeptical adversaries and hostile enemies?

We are also working on some PvE goals, right now cobbling a general group together to do instances together (we will look at heroics when enough are ready, and same with raids) However, due to our relations with the coalition mentioned above, we are able to draw from each other, guild in hand with guild, to form these groups and get the job done. Raiding and Rated Battle Grounds may or may not come later. We are also level Sixteen, with a sizable guild bank.

[What Do We Ask of You?] To those interested in joining, we seek several general character archetypes: The diplomatic who favoring brain and words over brawn and brutality, not restricted to clothies however. The guardian and bodyguards who are dedicated to protecting their fellows within the Census. Agents to uncover secrets, track people down, and do detective type things. Governors to be posted in various forsaken towns and work to promote RP events and atmosphere in their given area.

We also ask for maturity as well as people who understand and abide by the Lore of Warcraft. ((For better or for worse)) We also would like to see active members, as it is a recently instated rule that, unless good reason is given, two months inactive will get you canned. However, once you bear witness to how many people we interact with on a regular basis, and all the opportunities for YOU to pioneer RP events and happenings, then I am sure you will be glad to stick around.

[Guild Rules] Getting into the Census is easy enough, you need only ask around for us, conduct an in character, as well as OOC interview process, from there, it's a simple acceptance or not. This interview, however, is equal parts of us seeing if you want to join us, and if your destiny and enjoyment would not be better fitted elsewhere. Yes, if we discover that you would be more suited to the militaristic Battalion, or scientific Apothecaries, we will continue the interview, but by bringing in a representative from the other guild to see if they are more your cup of tea.

While this gesture has lost us a great many members, it has strengthened our allies, and by doing so, our bonds with them. Other rules include a requirement for being a mature individual. This does not mean you MUST BE AN ADULT! Just that you act like one, by way of courtesy, consideration, and respect for others. This does not mean we deny fun, however, as I will admit that I myself like to be pleasantly childish, from time to time. But, there is a time for play, and a time to get your serious face on.

As stated above, if you remain inactive for longer then two months, without giving good reason, then you shall be removed from guild. However, as stated, if you do give a good reason, or even a half butted one, we won't give you the boot. Being prior navy myself, and being forced to randomly vanish for months if not a whole year at a time, I understand whole heartedly that Real Life comes first.

If you are found violating rules of common human courtesy, depending on the severity, we will issue up to two warnings, before giving you the can. Although, if the violation is too severe *Remembers the Story Circle incident* Then ramifications will come down, and they will be most dire.

[Q&A] Now, I would like to open the floor to questions, comments, concerns or complaints. Did I mistype something? Was all the information well placed? And, do you have any comments about our guild, coalition, policies, or ideals?
Or if you want I can just delete my post
And it LIVES AGAIN! (Well, as much as a thread created and ruled by the undead can 'live', anyways...
Heads up, but we shall be organizing for another Noblegarden Ball this year!

Join the Undercity Census, and indeed, all of Forsakendom as we celebrate the rise of our noble nation from the withered ashes of Lordaeron past!
Giving this a bump! Recruitment is looking up, but you can never have too many good people in your ranks!
Bump. And as a friendly reminder, the Lordaeron Academy will be hosting a class (Damned 101) in the Magic quarter of UC, at 4pm today!
Hey Catteline, long time no see. It's Nemois!

Sorry I haven't been around... ever. If I weren't having such an awesome time on this Pandaren and with my raiding guild, Undercity Census would be the first place I would go.
Bump, and long time no see Nemo, you just missed our Ulduar RP raid... And next month we are hosting another open house, three day long RP event.

The Noblegarden Ball in Undercity!
One day of shopping and prep, one of dancing and festivities, and one to bring the various Forsaken guilds together to organize this and that.
*Puts <3 and (^-^) and even =^.^= shaped stickers on thread*
*Puts <3 and (^-^) and even =^.^= shaped stickers on thread*

I like stickers.
*Uses black magic to turn Inya into a sticker*
If only death had claimed me...

My regards to those biologically challenged; your goals and methodology resonates strongly with my own.


When does the ball begin?
This is copied directly from the posting a year ago. I will edit the post as Miss Catteline clarifies. I figured I'd put it up here for the sake of convenience/simplicity.

Friday, April 5: A Day in the Unlife!
In a nutshell, we will be documenting each 'open stall' in Undercity where a merchant can set up shop, each merchant is allowed one stock keeper and one barker (in addition to the merchant him/herself) and each stall will be 'rented' to the merchant for a set period of time. During that time, they are welcome to sell their wares, limited based on what 'specialty products' they intend to advertise and sell. The main aim will be for people to be selling food, clothes, and nicknacks in preparation for day two.

For this, I would like to get in touch with a few merchant/cartel guilds, who can help fill all the stalls. However, whether use of the stalls will be first come first serve on the waiting list, or if either independents (Or merchant/cartel guilds) will have head of the like privelege, we shall discuss and debate. Also, to spice the event up, the Apothecaries will be (If I can persuade them) providing fumigations and embalming replacement, or just the usual parts repair...

Saturday, April 6 - Sunday, April 7: Noblegarden Ball in the Undercity!
As implied, the Census shall be hosting a Noblegarden's party in the city below the ruins. Formal attire is a must. Fighting, griefing, and drama are prohibited, dancing, drinking, merriment and meeting new people are a MUST! I shall be seeking to have all of the Forsaken Coalition in attendance, and be asking one or two guilds of each race orientation to present themselves in hopes of being friends. Random arrivals are, however, most welcome.

Possible Future Event: Council is in Session.
Day three will have more OOC then RP going on, but will still be something to remember. All the noteworthy guilds from the night prier shall converge within the sanctity of the Dark Lady's royal chamber. Each guild master/chieftain/whathaveyou will be allowed to bring trusted advisors and 'honor guard' numbering no more then ten (This number is up to change) Here, we shall discuss, in fair roundrobin style, what our guilds represent/stand for, what our individual goals are as guilds, how those goals overlap, and generally how best we can work together.

Who's with me?!
Now, who among the guilds out there are willing to attend? I Call upon you salesgoblin! I rally you guardsmen! I ask for you kinsmen and nobles! Let this be a Noblegardens to remember!

EDIT #1: I have cleaned the passage up a bit and removed some items that I know are no longer relevant. More edits to come!

EDIT #2: I have added dates in accordance w/ Catteline's post. I will change the dates if it turns out that we need to postpone the event.
EDIT #1: I have cleaned the passage up a bit and removed some items that I know are no longer relevant. More edits to come!

But what are the dates? Have I missed them somewhere?
But what are the dates? Have I missed them somewhere?
I'm not entirely in the know myself, although I know ONE of the aforementioned events is happening this Friday, and the next is this Saturday. What I don't know is whether we are doing all three days like last year or if we are scrapping the final "council" day. Last I heard, both the bazaar and the ball would be at 6 PM server time.

I apologize for the lack of details, but I only found out this was happening at the beginning of the week myself.
That is correct. This year, Friday the 5th shall be the Bazaar, with the 6th AND 7th both being party days. If people are willing, we will gladly set up for a formal grand council meeting at a later date.

However, I admittedly did not plan this well, as college has been extra harsh this year... And the whole thing may or may not be pushed back until NEXT weekend.

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