PVP experienced enh shamanes look here!!

Hi, I've been playing resto but just geared up my enh set for upcomig season in bgs/ arena.

I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my profile did I pick the correct trinket? Did I gem/ enchant correctly?

Also if you could look at my talents is this correct? any suggestions would be helpful

Everyone said this class sucks but so far in random bgs I've been doing great. great survivability with healing rain/ surge/ healing totem. also have been doing great dps.. for pvp mostly I purge// lavalash//stormstrike// and forget the name ot the other melee one. just keep healing surge when i have 5 procs.

Anyone know of a good maelstorm counter addon? my problem is trying to pay attention to if I have 5 procs or not

Thanks everyone!!!
Hello Bro! Look this site:

It has all informations for you.

Copy my gems for pvp enh

I kinda copied Owies

Edit: Oh put a buckle on that belt
I have plenty of videos (guides, 2200 arena, bgs) on my youtube channel: youtube.com/tactic1048
thanks everyone appreciate all the replies.. you can put buckles on belts now??? I just started again 3-4 weeks ago got my full resto pvp got bored now got enh gear.. loving it so far can't wait for tyr weapon!
Remember to reforge the highest stats on a given item to mastery. You want as much mastery as possible. Mastery = damage.

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