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Played wow for about 4 years now and I have always been a role player when it comes to armor. I collect too many armor just for its looks and color. I was exited when they introduce transmog but I still feel incomplete wearing only one set at a time when I have almost all the set in my bag.

When I saw the new Daily Blink today they featured an Iron Man Parody where you stand in the middle and you choose different armor set. That made me realize such UI is possible on WoW.

In patch 5 (MoP) They gave us our own place that we own, which is the farm. They also gave us Mount + Pet UI, we can carry them all anytime, anywhere and collect them all. Here I saw one big mistake the developers made. Transmogrification as of now is incomplete.

They should remake transmogrification and replace it with a NEW Armor UI and to add a little twist, it should be accessible inside our new house in the tillers farm. Same as the Iron Man Parody of the Daily Blink. It should be a secret place inside that small house they gave us. That's where we can access the new Armor UI. We can select whole set to wear with one click or we can customize them like how we do it with the current transmogrification.


If they don't want to work that much then why not just add an armor set UI with the same exact look as the mount and pet UI. No need for my wild imagination of an iron man parody and the Transmogrification stays in game and no change needs to be done.

What ever they add, this should always be part of it:
IL doesn't matter, you can mix low item level from normal and Heroic as long as its part of the set it will count. Once you collected one set then it automatically goes to the new UI and you can customize it to change color (normal, LFR, heroic) even if you haven't got it.

>Its NOT a UI to swap armor, its a new Transmogrification UI or should I say a reworked version of Transmogrification.
>The armor does not magically disappear or something when you completed a set. You just unlock the set in the new UI. Simple as that. In other words we all have the armor sets already available for us. We just cant use it yet, not until you collected the actual armor dropped in raids. This makes it safe to vendor sell all those old armor which does not fit in our bags anymore. Safe to delete them cause we already unlocked the IMAGE which we can brows in the new UI.
For mix and matching, though you probably have it already, MogIt is a must.
For making sets and easily swapping them in/out storage or bank or bags:

Armory/closet is a neat idea but they're balking at more storage space let alone full armory. I'd love it but I wouldn't hold my breath for this feature.
I just don't like it in my bag. I am full 28 slot bag even in my bank but I had too many armors. I'm a hardcore collector. If they can make a new UI where I brows all the armor like how pet and mount works then I will be happy, so as the other hardcore collectors like me. As simple as that, no need for my wild ideas. They can just add a new tab where I can see all the armor I collected and I can keep on collecting.
I understand what you're saying. I filled all my bank, void storage and an alt guild bank with sets. I know exactly how badly I'd like more space, but they're resistant to this idea for the moment. I do not know whether this is related to performance as in bloats the data streaming already going on or if it's a hardware storage issue but I do remember a blue post a while back commenting on this when void storage first came out and people complained it just wasn't enough for how much transmog introduced the need for space.
You can try looking for it on mmo, which is where I originally read it.
The ones they don't like is bag space. They don't need to add more bag space. They don't need to keep on releasing bigger bags and we already get the point that they don't want more of it. Since every patch they always mention "we are not adding bigger bags". They don't need to add bigger void storage. They don't need to make our bank bigger. They don't need to add more guild bank space.

They don't need to do anything at any existing space which can acquire items. All they need to do is a new UI. A new UI which is a copy of the mount and pet UI but is made for armors.

I had read the blue post about bag and void storage and I agree to them for not planning on adding more space. Seems useless and I agree.
They'd have to drastically change how transmog works for this to be true. Currently you have to own the item in order to do the transmog. And to own the item you have to go back to all of the old content and see it, which they do encourage so I doubt they're changing how that works.
If you have to get all the items anyway, you're going to run into space issues. You could say well you can now destroy the item and just keep the record I collected it at some point and that should be it but that's still storage as far as they're concerned I think, at least data wise as they still have to save that info somewhere that you've access to all this gear.
I think it'd be great, I really do. I just don't see them doing it :(
Then again once upon a time, changing races and factions and doing transmog or barber shop at all was a big "we're not likely to do that" so maybe it'll change one day. I could still cry over all the pets I dropped and mounts I just passed up on.
Not really. Old transmogrification is like a vendor. The one I am proposing is like change it into our own UI which we can access in our own secret underground base (tiller farm)


Ignore the imagination I had and just make it into a New UI beside the mount and pet tab. Add a new one named "Armor". As simple as that. Its where we can brows all the armor set we collected and it comes with a carry all the time transmogrification. No need to visit a place.

The storage stuff is there problem. Where do they place all those pets and mounts? That's the same place they can add the armor.
You clearly have little idea how "storage stuff" actually works. You think Blizzard is really interested in adding another array of possible values to every character, composed of flags for which of the thousands of pieces of armor could be possibly set or not set? It'd likely be far, far easier and less costly to add in more bag space.

The fact that bag space is limited is exactly the type of choice that makes transmogrification "interesting."
This is not what the OP wants (transmog access to every set piece ever looted in a player-phased setting), but an addon can do a UI similar to what you're after.

If you open the bank or void storage, an addon's button there could put you into a "room" with dressup models in a circle "around" you, that you can pan around to view, then select one to grab the gear. This won't be a room you can walk around in. You'd be in first person view (actually hidden behind a high frame strata window covering your screen) with the addon rotating/scaling dressup models to mimic they're around you. Once you have the gear in your bags (bank and void storage wouldn't be accessible at the same time), you can go to a transmog npc to make the transmog happen. Again, the addon can get involved in this step too. It can go into another "room" with you naked and icons of armor flying at you and then appearing equipped.

In the bank/void storage "room" you could have blank models too, and the addon can let you dress it up for each slot based on what you have in the bank/void storage. Then save them as transmog equipment sets for later retrieval.

But yeah, storage/access of the items is a very big issue. It's unlikely Blizzard is keen on every character tagging thousands of entries in the massive item database. And if it was limited to just set pieces it would be a really small target niche. Boots and belts aren't in any of the 5-piece sets. I've yet to transmog any of my characters to a set piece. But Blizzard would know better how many transmog and into what.
That's what I meant. Armor sets are only Few in numbers. The pet UI has far more complicated feature and the mount UI is the simple version of it.

What is complicated in adding One more tab beside those 2 and call it "Armor Sets"

Nothing serious is needed In the New UI. All I wanted is a permanent record of my Armor sets so I can finally vendor/Delete it from my bag. At the same time not waste all the time and effort I had collecting all those armor sets.
What is complicated in adding One more tab beside those 2 and call it "Armor Sets"

Nothing serious is needed In the New UI. All I wanted is a permanent record of my Armor sets so I can finally vendor/Delete it from my bag. At the same time not waste all the time and effort I had collecting all those armor sets.
Perhaps you didn't understand what Ro and I posted, so I'll break it down again.

If you open up the idea of transmogrification to include any piece of gear you've ever collected, without requiring it to be in your bags, then Blizzard needs to store a massive amount of data per character to know what items you should and shouldn't have access to. How else would the UI know what to let you select from? A UI just displays data; you still have to store the data. Sure, designing another tab and calling it "Armor Sets," even if you need "nothing serious" in it, might not be "complicated" in your words. But that "permanent record" you want is the problem.

By requiring players to keep the items in their bag, physically, Blizzard doesn't need to store any extra data about what a person can transmogrify. They simply say "if you have the item in your bag -- which is data we already have attached to your character -- then you can transmogrify something to look like it."


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