is dragonspeak/voice recognition ok to use?

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hello all,

is voice recognition software such as 'naturally speaking dragonspeak' ok to use? in terms of TOS etc? it comes with a gaming addon that specifically mentions working in WOW.

and has anybody tried using it?

i thought i would post in the UI and Macro forums because it seemed like the most appropriate place.

and yes, i am very slow using keybinds so i wanted to try this out maybe . . . if i wont be banned for it.
Uh. Can you link it? And describe in more detail what it actually does?

so in other words, i could say 'serpent sting' into the mic and it would cast, etc etc
Well that's certainly interesting. I haven't seen anything similar out yet but I guess it's a long time in coming. It'll certainly help those with various limb disabilities.
I do not recall ever seeing anything against something like this blue statement wise, possibly cause there is no precedent. If there is an issue with this, they'll either disable within game whatever that software needs to function or if that's not possible, they'll give some sort of a statement regarding it.
In either case I think you're ok to use it. If you're still unsure, you can always ask on CS forum which is much more likely to give you a blue response.

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