(A) Virtus Nex 25 Man Guild LFM 5/12

Located on Kil'jaeden U.S. Server
Hello all we of Virtus Nex are looking for experienced and skilled individuals for Thunder King 25 man progression. We have a active 25 man roster that raids weekly from Monday - Thursday 1145pm-3am server time.

Main Recruitment needs:
Shadow Priests
Enhance Shaman
Ele Shaman

Requirements to join:
1. 495ilvl+
2. Must be able to make all raid days and have the ability to contact an officer if you are unable to make a certain raid day
3. Come to raid with flasks potions and proper gems and reforges done.

We are actively recruiting so feel free to add mtkaiido@gmail.com to real ID or message me ingame for more details.. guild website comeing soon
5/12 now.
looking for caster dps
add mtkaiido@gmail.com for cross realm or faction discussions

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